The following is the condensed version - for a full set, see The Phun House Rules.

1. Use the SEARCH function. Do this first before starting any thread to avoid repost. A thread is considered a repost if the images/articles therein:
- still exist in the original thread
- are of equal or lower quality than the images in the original thread

2. Do not resurrect old threads or comment on threads that are more than 2 weeks old, unless you have new pictures to add. If you have pics to add to an old topic, you can do so if the pics in that thread are still active. If not, please post a new thread and link back to the old one.

3. Information about prohibited sources, hosts or content types in these forums can be found in the The Phun House Rules or in the stickys of each Section. Check them out regularly.

4. No Illegal Porn. This includes bestiality or any erotic pictures involving animals and any under-age porn. (Tera Patrick in school uniform is not under-age porn, dumbass!). Also thread titles may not insinuate underage pornography although the model is of age. Anyone found posting these materials will have their IP address logged and any other information held by will be forwarded to the poster’s mother.

5. No Flaming. While we accept good-natured name-calling, teasing, ribbing, jokes, and occasional heated arguments in the forums, we will not tolerate derogatory flames and gratuitous racial and religious insults. Such posts will be deleted on sight and moderated accordingly. If you flame a moderator or admin immediate account suspension will ensue. If you are a long-standing member, lead by example, and assist the newer members. Its good for your karma and you will not live as a cockroach in the next life.

6. No Signature Abuse. All signatures must be no bigger than 550 X 160 (this includes texts in your sig area as well) and under 1.5megs in file size. DO NOT link off-site in signatures UNLESS you own the blog/site, in which case we would expect the blog/site to display a reciprocal link back to Phun Forums already has display ads to help cover the running costs, so please do not annoy our members by making your signatures into some sort of web ad (if you want to advertise, PM cayne). No Darkwars and such shit sigs, too.

7. No Spamming. This determination is made by the forum Moderator or Administrator and is not up for discussion.

8. Rules in Section Stickys. There are specific concerns under each Section (Home, Model, Celebrity, Video, and About Phun). Take the time to read them so that you can avoid wasted time and effort in erroneous posts.

9. In the event that your account has been banned you are allowed to make one additional account to pm a mod/admin to clarify your ban. You are only allowed to ask why you are banned and for how long. If you make a single post/thread with this second account the length of ban will be doubled on your main account. Honor your ban period or it may turn from a temporary ban into a permanent one.

10. Activate your PM! if we can't contact you to tell you of a rule violation you made we will not be able to warn you, your account will be suspended accordingly.

ONE LAST WORD. In the event that you do not see your particular concern addressed here, please feel free to PM any MOD/ADMIN to have your question answered, or better still, post it in the About Phun Section - Forum Issues Thread, as it might also be of interest to the rest of our members.

Please refer back to this announcement or The Phun House Rules periodically so you can be informed of any updates.