Angie Heyward

  1. SouthBeachCandids
    Now listed as a "past" anchor. Her twitter feed seems to imply she got fired, then maybe they were going to bring her back, but as of now looks like she isn't. I liked her. She was endearing and funny.
  2. jfsredhead
    she said that she decided to return to acting where does it imply she got fired
  3. jfsredhead
    naked news also said same thing of how she was returning to acting
  4. SouthBeachCandids
    There were definitely veiled insinuations in her initial tweets. More recently, in the past few days she mentioned being fired for exercising her legal employment rights (no idea what that means) and has complained about NN still using her name in the credits considering how they were so keen on getting rid of her they let her go without any notice.
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