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Last Activity:
Sep 10, 2017
Aug 18, 2010
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Kylie sit on my face please, Male, from Nangijala

apels1nen was last seen:
Sep 10, 2017
    1. flyhigh
      nope. If I had I would have posted them ASAP

      not a clue :(
    2. JoshuaCalvert
      Thanks:D She's really cute in it, isn't she?
    3. William
      I've been very busy, working a lot. Wish i could spend longer on phun.
    4. slerby
      ps3 only - from day one. i'm not much of an online gamer though - i just started resistance 3 but so far i'm not liking it too much.
      resistance 2 is the only game i've ever played online - i did enjoy that - and hoped for the same from R3 - but the single player story - is not going well.
    5. RAMistheMAN
      Thanks. Yeah, I tend to upload a lot of Victoria and Ariana pictures. :D
    6. RAMistheMAN
      Ha ha... sorry. I was bored and figured some would have a sense of humor. Didn't really work out too well based on the thread responses. That's the last time I play a joke when it's not April Fools. lol
    7. Pokjack
      I'm new here. So I hope you can help me more about this forum. Thank you.
    8. Mantisboy
      That sig looks like something out of my dreams, I like it a lot! :) thanks so much! I appreciate it.
    9. FaileyCyrus
    10. FaileyCyrus
      Hey man, could you re-upload the Ariana sig please? I forgot to save it (only copied link) and it's down. :(

      Thanks! :p
    11. Pilgrimpopper
      Not seen Sucker Punch yet mate. Been really busy with other commitments of late, so not seen much filmwise or even had the time to be on here. All the reviews I've read from folks whose opinions I trust say it's pretty much total style over substance, and just a two hour pop video really, which to be honest is kind've what the trailers made it look like. Still want to see it tho. ;)
    12. essential
      this good ?

    13. essential
      i'll put your name on it when i get back home from work :D
    14. essential
      have you seen this one ? it's a vail if you like it, if not i should be able to try something in the evening this week, just let me know, i can put your name on this one
      if needed

    15. JDoeson69
      Thanks for the kind words in your visitor message :-) I forget which thread Jamms spoke those words in...but they were too epic not to use as a sig! lol
    16. Lukin
      i use 3d modelling software called Lightwave. similar sort of thing to 3ds max and cinema 4d
    17. essential
      i mostly use pictures and renders for the baclgrounds
    18. Lirva_Engival
      welcome to the Haus! :cheers:
    19. Inuk
      hehe no worries.
    20. Inuk
      and you colour was changed!
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    cocaine & kylie's fat ass are my life :rolleyes: