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Feb 21, 2017 at 3:27 AM
May 4, 2005
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Cikita Correspondent for Phun

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Day dreaming of Cikita...

Ten Years of Phun
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Feb 21, 2017 at 3:27 AM
    1. canPBnon
      Cheers mate, yeah I guess they are ass oriented. What can I say, I love'm.
      Thanks for stoppin by mate!

      PS: Yeah I realised I had that set when I looked through my archives. Its impossible to remember what you've already saved, so many pics.
    2. Funkyboyroy
    3. Cold As Ice
      Cold As Ice
      Next time if you ask people to vote for someone i'll remove the votes
    4. Funkyboyroy
    5. IronSlash
      Well, I need real names for erotic models and any other celebs (except some greatest celebs because everyone is supposed to know them).
    6. IronSlash
      Yeah but time has changed and rules are more strict now.
    7. IronSlash
      I'm alright. Working on my Youtube channel a lot since last months. Also working on Phun Hot 100 here.
    8. IronSlash
      So I suppose you "disappeared" for a time... and came back. LOL!
    9. argonfusion
    10. Snorre
    11. Snorre
    12. Snorre
      Happy New Year, mate! Yes, I know Zuzanna. I have downloaded a few sets of her from MetArt and Errotica Archives. There are so many beautiful women around these pages but you're definetly right, Cikita is an unbeateble beauty. She's also my No. 1. But I really like this Jana from KarupsPC. The sets of her a some years old, so I don't know if they are still on the server. She has tiny tits and pussy (I really don't mind) and such a cute face. She's definetly my No. 2 in line. Have a look in my album "and other cuties".
      Recently I visited the Zemani pages and found Aphina, a really lovely lady. Unfortunatly there are just 2 sets of her on Zemani. I have just posted a set of her. The other one will follow soon. Check her out, if you like:
      First time I posted a set on Phun. Guess everything went correct.
    13. Snorre
      Thanks for the posting! She's nice, I like her pussy. But she's no match for our Cikita, right?
    14. Snorre
      Yes, I am! And as far as I see, we're not the only ones, haha! Please keep on posting! There can't be enough of her. At the moment I have 58 full sets of her, seems there are still some to go .....
    15. Iron_Slash
      I didn't post lot of her sets because they were not that good... So she's not "back".
    16. canPBnon
      cheers for the friend req mate, see ya round
    17. whoeverknows
      Well Sporting this year is really weak, already 10 points away from FC Porto in just 6 games!
      I'm glad you liked being here. Supporters here in Portugal are usually calm and are just there to enjoy the game. The only problems, when they arise, come from the organized cheering "squads", particularly in heated games like Porto-Benfica, but usually nothing serious.
    18. Iron_Slash
      Nothing new really, just doing my things and I'm fine with it.
    19. sensacion7
      I've got a pretty decent size collection of her, but you've got the market cornered ! keep up the good work !
    20. whoeverknows
      Sporting is one of the three most important clubs in Portugal, but now they're not as strong contenders for the championship as Porto or Benfica.
      Porto has a lot more money to invest in players since they're regulars in the Champions League, in fact this year is the first Porto is not competing in CL... :(
      We're stuck in Europa League...
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