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Oct 9, 2014
Jul 31, 2005
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carpetmouse was last seen:
Oct 9, 2014
    1. dopeelf
      You seem to be have around a while, do you have any Kasta videos? Been looking like crazy but everything is deleted :(

      What I am looking for is something hardcore (dildo, other girls) or non closeup rubbing.

    2. kwansky81
    3. Pringles007
      Dude, I need any and everything you have on Maly. Pictures, videos. Please help!!
    4. droppy
      hey i dont ever really post but i have downloaded many shows from here .the program i use makes large files and it is hard to get them uploaded to some sites do to limit. so to give something back to the ppl that hook me up here is a way to get my vids http://lcso.no-ip.org user name phun and password is phun pls look around see if i have something u want i know there are a couple irida vids there ..i dont ask any thing in return . look in virtual folder for videos and dont share this info pls.
    5. fl0j09
      Hey carpet, I figure this is a longshot but figure I'll give it a try. I noticed you have a lot of old DS stuff, there's a girl who used to be on there but I'm not sure about her name she used there. I know she used to go by Selena at the same time on PF. I'm not sure but I think she might have used Raluk on DS but I can't track down any old pics to be figure it out. I've got tons of Selena stuff on a HD but it's screwed up and I can't get any pics to show you. This was back in 2006 & 2007 and she was on in the same room as a very cute girl named Karuna. Anyway if you have any pics or might know who I'm talking about I'd appreciate the help. Thanks!
    6. WheelieBoy
      Yo carpet! This is dipman007. Do not know if you remember me or not. Used to talk a bit on yahoo messenger. Hey man when you get a chance email me or email me back on here.

      Talk to you later.
    7. Gizmo62
      Hi Carpetmouse,i feel a bit lost since the site has decided to stop the most successful thread they have known for long...do you know if there are any other forums with videos of models i could visit?
      Thanks in advance for your help Gizmo62
    8. carpetmouse
      yeah but nothing better...she worked with girls like sofka, and lemurra...I know those girls work other sites... I assume elmy did or more than likely still does..but I never found her.
    9. tanasen01
      that elmy chic is unbelievable. do you have more of her?
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