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May 27, 2017 at 4:15 PM
Mar 7, 2009
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curious was last seen:
May 27, 2017 at 4:15 PM
    1. Pilgrimpopper

      Why hello! Yup, Ashley was great, she enjoys a good stuffing. :D

      Getting out of the posting habit isn't a bad idea, one of my resolutions this year is to spend less time wasting my time away online. It's been a couple of days since I was here last myself, been way longer over at the other board. Apparently there's a whole world out there away from the 'Net. Sounds scary. ;)

      Good to hear from you again anyway mate, take it easy.

    2. Pilgrimpopper
      [IMG] Merry Christmas mate, all the best to you and yours! [IMG]

      BTW, why you stopped posting here and over t'other place? Hope you're OK. take care, PP.
    3. Throbbn
      great Melanie Oudin candids Curious! :beerchug:
    4. Pilgrimpopper

      "Vastness" is about right. In the 15 months or so I've actually been active here (I leeched for a loooong while before then) I don't think I've hardly ever been in the models or any videos sections. It's General, Celebs and a bit of Creative for me, and even then only selected threads. You'll get the hang of the place I'm sure, if not and you upset some of the less friendly sorts, well........then I don't know you and you're on your own! :p

      Hey it' standard law of the jungle stuff. :D
    5. Pilgrimpopper
      Good to hear. Yeah they're an amiable bunch here, a few you wouldn't want to meet down a dark alley, but mostly good eggs. ;)
    6. Pilgrimpopper
      See you've been chipping in on the birthday thread.

      We'll make a Phunner out of you yet! :thumbs:
    7. Throbbn
    8. Pilgrimpopper
      Did you miss this? Hint! :p


      BTW, how's things over there? Apparently I logged on Saturday night / Sunday morning whilst hideously drunk & horny after leaving the lapdance club, but can't recall anything really, so will pop round this week to catch up.
    9. Pilgrimpopper
    10. curious
      No, grrr, I'll be pondering it tho....really hard (my pondering;) )

      Let me sleep on it, I'll give you an answer in the morning!

      Stop twisting my arm, I need it, for *stuff*, my ass is on here, you've convinced me:).

      I know I've got Gimp around here somewhere, so maybe I should try to make it spit out a sig (I'll fail miserably I fear!)
    11. Pilgrimpopper
      Did you guess who it is yet? (In a Rolf Harris accent!) :D


      Seriously mate, get your arse on here, I miss ya....you know, in a brotherly, totally hetero kinda way! ;)

      I might even do you a sig if you like, I've become quite adept at 'em of late.
    12. Pilgrimpopper
      Ha, ha. No bugger there at the old place remembers me these days.....I dare say I could "slip in" (Ooooer Missus!) without anyone being any the wiser!

      As for this place I wasn't gonna bothef with a 2K milestone....but I just found something that wasn't already here......you'll be soooooo surprised who it is!

      P.S. Get yourself an avy and get your ass posting on here now!!!! You were without doubt my favourite...erm.....one of my favourite posters over there. I think you should join in here and have some Phun!
    13. Pilgrimpopper
      LOL, I've got the week off OK, I was bored, I felt like spamming...sue me! :p

      So, how's the old place going? I still get E-mail notifications from there....infact had an PM notification today. You think I should drop by for old times sake?

      P.S. 2000 imminent tonight!!!!!

    14. Pilgrimpopper
      Yeah and I've not been here for nigh on three months...been hangin' round on film forums under a different user name.

      2000 posts is nothing on here - some guys will do that in a week!

      Hope you're well BTW!
    15. curious
      Indeed, jeez!!! Closing in on 2,000 posts:925:
    16. Pilgrimpopper
      :hi: Long time no hear!
    17. Salty Longshanks
      Salty Longshanks
      Thread trashed, and thanks for the heads up. ;)
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