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Last Activity:
Dec 22, 2012
Oct 4, 2009
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Northeast U.S.

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10 inch, from Northeast U.S.

Persevere was last seen:
Dec 22, 2012
    1. bozmando
      Brother P! Good to hear from you. All is well down here. We are moving from Oklahoma back to St Louis. Another job, another two years (probably). The record heat down here is becoming tiresome -- 45 days in a row above 100. It was frippin 115 today! Reminds me (too much) of Afghanistan.
      Hope all is well with you. Chat me up anytime. --b
    2. Acos
      Hope you were able to enjoy this year's Sebring. All in all, 'twas a cracker for the most part, I thought.
    3. asagoren
      hello mate
      can you tell me who is that girl in your sig`?
    4. MAc0ck
      nice avatars
    5. Pilgrimpopper
      [IMG] Merry Christmas mate, all the best to you and yours! [IMG]

      Just being sociable an spreading some Christmas cheer to all on my friends list - I know we already PM'd, but hey....goodwill to all men and that. Have a good one buddy, catch you after the holidays. PP.
    6. LiquidVapors
      Oh, By The Way. It Was Great To See Your Arthritis Ridden Digets Actually Post Some Stuff! :rofl: Did Your Wife Finally Leave You?:p:p:p:p:p
      Take The Dust Off Your Comm Vic 64 And Post Some Stuff :p:p:p:p:p

      :rofl: :beerchug: :cheers: :beerchug: :cheers:
    7. LiquidVapors
      It Smells Like Vicks Vapour Rub And Chicken Soup In Here! :rofl: Turn The Heat Down FFS! Its Not That Cold On The Webs! Its Like Visiting My Grandmother :dance:
      Hope This Finds You And Yours Well My Brother. Saw Donna Jean Godchaux Band Sat Night With Fever Train. Fing Blast. Hope All Is Well With You And Yours. :cheers:
    8. holecard
      I just commented in the Phun SexyVids Connoisseurs Group on the Sharing Matrix issues. Would love to hear your position.
    9. Acos
      Ah, my apologies. I misinterpreted. Yes, AMR will do well to match - never mind better - last year's fourth place. They will reastically need four diesels to fall victim to trouble.
    10. Acos
      I'll be honest with you, I've never felt much warmth to the Corvette boys either. In GT1 I always preferred other machines (most notably the Saleen), and in GT/GT2 I'm traditionally a Porsche guy, but have recently felt myself leaning marginally more to Ferrari.

      I'm afraid I can't see where the Vantage can get a podium from in GT2. It's a great looking car (and glorious sounding) but ever since it was introduced that car has never had the pace or the reliability to truly trouble the frontrunners in the LMS or at Le Mans. JMW are a crack outfit (and "my" GT2 team, if you will - by which I mean they're the guys I root for most) so they SHOULD be able to extract all that the car has. Quite frankly, I'll be amazed if it's still running on Sunday afternoon.
    11. Acos
      Of course, it'll be my pleasure. I too will try and watch as much as I can, whilst listening to excellent coverage as ever from Radio Le Mans.

      And you're right, this should be a great race. Peugeot look to have the edge on Audi, "even" the older (although heavily works-assisted) Oreca 908 has got ahead of all three R15s.


      GT2 gets better year on year, so yes, this year's promises to be the class to watch. Damn hard to pick a winner from that lot.

      A GT2 note, Bruni has had his pole taken away by way of an illegal rear wing, promoting the Corvettes to 1st and 2nd, and will start from the back of the grid.

    12. arespilgrim
    13. radthompson
      Keep your eyes peeled persevere its around. good luck with yours.
    14. mokkoriman
      always appreciate your replies, most insightful. :notworthy:
    15. S-type
      Courage, Mon Brave! If folk out there with IQs barely approaching three digits can do it, so can you! We've all "been there" and "done that" in the thread posting business, and if anyone attempts to sneer at your initial efforts, it's likely they made the same mistakes or worse themselves, so don't worry! All the Mods will be glad to help, especially TheRiver, Perfect4ths and TaiPan, and I'd be glad to help too!

    16. S-type
      How considerate of you Persevere! As it happens I've got that set - it's the second part of of a two-part issue (Old Hollywood, and Old Hollywood 2) of which I've got both - actually, I think I've got nearly everything she's done! But I'm always on the look-out because odd sets I have are not full-size pics and I'm constantly trying to rectify that!

      However, you've reminded me that I'm not being as diligent as I should be in my programme of re-upping lost Anya posts and filling gaps - there still are many! I think that one or both of the Old Hollywood sets have been posted before, but they're a bugger to track down in the phun database, what with quotes, colons, parentheses, and whatnot thwarting the search process!

      Thanks for the thought, though! And don't hesitate in future - you might just come across something I need! It's pot luck!

      When are you going to start posting threads yourself, btw?

    17. TheRiver
      thank you. well, it´s just sharing some kind of passion ;)

      started when i had the chance to see an exhibition of the work of Waclaw Wantuch in Crakow, PL.
    18. Haverchuck
      The weekend has finally started for me :D

      I had to work a couple of hours tonight.

      You should check out the "last word" thread the next time it opens. It is a combination of a chat thread and game to see who posts last when the thread gets locked.

      Have a great weekend!
    19. elturko78
      It's good to know that someone else enjoy the film, cheers :cheers:
    20. ViceLikeEye
      Thanks. I love it too.
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