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Jun 23, 2017 at 6:25 AM
Jan 13, 2007
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-Random Proven Post-

Ten Years of Phun ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

No Comment unless it's technical Mar 2, 2017

Smoopy was last seen:
Jun 23, 2017 at 6:25 AM
    1. Smoopy
      No Comment unless it's technical
    2. Sonicboom
      Only way I have found around that first , last page thing is to click the last little number under each thread title.
      1. Smoopy
        Yeah thanks, I know. Is I just hate looking for the tiny last number, rather than the old simple 'click the thread title'
        Feb 1, 2017
        Sonicboom likes this.
      2. DSNY
        Click the button to the left of the topic title 'go to last unread'...easy peasy
        Feb 1, 2017
        Sonicboom likes this.
    3. Jack Tripper
      Jack Tripper
      Love your signature. :lol:
    4. J3scribe
      Okay, I'm on it.
    5. Majesty9917
      Welcome back Smoop. Hope you had a good vacation.
    6. Flippy
    7. Jack Tripper
      Jack Tripper
      When I merged the threads your thread accidently ended up in the Celebrity Forum......I didn't mean to put it there......I have moved it back into the General Forum......I think it's better suited there......sorry about the confusion.
    8. J3scribe
      Thanks bud. :)
    9. J3scribe
      Your sig is too tall Smoop, 160 pixels max.
    10. rashmeister
      Lovin the indina evans gifs:D
    11. Herb Tarlek
      Herb Tarlek
      Greetings. :hi:
    12. Kieks
      Pls remember to add date of event in your titles (ie the Michelle Trachtenberg & Lea Michele threadS), have amended those two. Helps for searching purposes and avoiding reposts etc.

    13. irishwhip
      Link added
    14. irishwhip
      i can't remember where i got it, but i probably still have it somewhere on my hard drive, i'll edit my post with a link if i find it.
    15. Smoopy
      Dont worry, I will just stop posting. Simple.
    16. Billy Sastard
      Billy Sastard
      Freindly warning mate. Maybe a Read the rules would benifit you.

      Rule 12

      12. If you're posting old pics that are either a re-up of dead pics or a shoot/candids that isn't recent, please limit it to 3 threads maximum of that particular celeb per day, out of respect to those who post new pics and don't want to see their threads disapear down to page 3 within hours. For further info in this, please see this thread.
    17. Smoopy
      Why are you laughing?
      and I like a personal ty, not hit a button.
      Please explain
    18. Iron_Slash
      I've seen your sig, I'm the first one to laugh! If you want to give credits, just press the thanks button ;) Just a friend tip. ;)
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