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Last Activity:
Mar 9, 2013
May 5, 2008
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Veni, Vidi, Veni, from Crossing the Rubicon

X-Spectre was last seen:
Mar 9, 2013
    1. Majesty9917
      Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are....douchebag. :cheers:
    2. Majesty9917
      You disappeared huh?
    3. Majesty9917
      What's good my brother. I must admit that I miss conversing with you.
    4. Majesty9917
      Please....I excel at hurting feelings :lol:

      Good to see you are up and about....somewhat. Been real dead around here. Bumped heads with ole jammy the other day. He told me he doesn't care what I think :(
    5. Majesty9917
      :lol: are you ignoring me? Tell me your panties aren't in a bunch cuz of that post regarding you and throbbn. It was a sarcastic comment, something I was under the impression, that you can handle. At the very least, I would have thought there was enough respect between us for you to at least rip me a new one if something I said bothered you that much. Perhaps I am way off base here, if not though, I must admit some disappointment.
    6. Majesty9917
    7. Majesty9917
      Where has your punk ass been hiding? :lol:
    8. Sonicboom
    9. Sonicboom
      Do u realize how bad I wanted to spam your thread? lol. However... I did not. So there. (sniffs)
    10. Majesty9917
      Im hating on you and your black. I want my black! The villains always wear black ;)
    11. Jammsbro
      The black looks good :)
    12. J3scribe
      Kudos on becoming Black! Once you go black you never go back! :p
    13. Majesty9917
      Happy new years bro. I sincerely wish you all the best in the coming year.
    14. Sonicboom
    15. Lirva_Engival
    16. holecard
    17. Jammsbro
    18. Jammsbro
      By the way mano, I don't know how much I've pissed you off, if at all. But I don't want you thinking that I'm an anti USA troll or something. I consider you to be amongst the smartest of the phunners, right up there with Riv and so on. So while we may cross sabres from time to time, I would hope you see that my opinions are genuine and thought out, and not me trying to be a dick. For me, phun would be a far less interesting place without yourself.

      And relax, I don't expect a reciprocatory message. Just wanted to let you know that I don't oppose your out of fashion.
    19. Majesty9917
      Can't argue with anything you have just said. :cheers:
    20. Majesty9917
      No hard feelings on the gun issue my friend. I am neither pro guns nor anti guns. I just hate to see horrific events like this. When I am speaking about guns, I am only addressing this situation and how this may have been avoided had guns not been a factor. Removing guns completely is a pipe dream. For reasons you have stated as well as many other reasons.
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