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8 yr old boy touches babysitter's breasts

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ChinoCochino, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. ChinoCochino

    ChinoCochino New Member


    That boy should have just keep his big mouth shut. See what bragging
    does. Now he won't get to feel the 14 year old up anymore and he could've
    easily been found guilty of lewd conduct since he does live in Utah after all.
  2. tooldef6

    tooldef6 Above Average

    shit, he got lucky he got to touch some breastssss of an older girl. too bad he couldnt keep his trap shut.
  3. m0n0lith

    m0n0lith New Member

    give that boy a cookie
  4. ChinoCochino

    ChinoCochino New Member

    If that boy ends up in prison one day he's as good as dead if he doesn't change his ways.

    Because he sings like a canary. And in prison the only good canary is a dead one.
  5. adrenaline

    adrenaline Active Member

    were you a good canary?
  6. NyteWolfe

    NyteWolfe New Member

    I say go little man. Get you some. Next time only tell your frat buddies and make sure she is drunk ;D
  7. NyteWolfe

    NyteWolfe New Member

    Well I would much rather him feel up his willing babysitter than join a gang or shooting a gun or killing people.

    Plus she dared him to do it. I mean how do you back down from that? I wish everytime I went out a girl dared me to touch her boobs.

    New motto: "Squeeze Boobs not triggers"
  8. leonard71

    leonard71 Above Average

    That is a great motto. You should make it into bumper stickers and sell them.
  9. naturaldelight

    naturaldelight New Member

    haha hes a little pimp, hell yeah, I would be so proud if that was my little brother
  10. thenar

    thenar New Member

    victim of sexual abuse??? that kid is theboobs lottery winner!!!
  11. chunky monkey

    chunky monkey Between Taylor's legs

    Shit, I remember when I was 7 and a high school girl across the street made me stick my fingers up her pussy. At least I was smart and didn't tell anyone. I knew a good thing when it happened. Long story short, I ended up waiting for her parents car to go from the driveway then I'd dash over to ask her if I could feel her pussy every chance I could.
  12. tooldef6

    tooldef6 Above Average

    ^^lmao....you lucky phucker!

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