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Awesome puffy nipple sucking

Discussion in 'Sexy Videos (Pro)' started by jake135, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. jake135

    jake135 Member

    If you're a fan of puffy nipples you've probably already discovered Koika, she's one of my favourites. I had only ever seen her in solo work or girl-girl non-contact so this video was a huge find for me.

    Koika's protuberances finally get the intense sucking I've been dying to see, and her cute girlfriend does a really good job on them.

    This is part one of three parts, I'll get the other two parts up later but each part can be played on its own so grab a towel and start downloading!

    The thumbs didn't seem that good so I took a screencap too so you can get a better idea of why this video kills me.





    Part 1:

  2. jake135

    jake135 Member

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  3. Brewed

    Brewed Well-Known Member

    Good Stuff I Love Koika Thanx jake135!!
  4. Number1

    Number1 New Member

  5. art127

    art127 Well-Known Member

    Highly recommended!
  6. jake135

    jake135 Member

    Hey guys thanks for the props, it means a lot. Glad you like Koika, I'm sure I have a solo masturbation vid here somewhere, I'll see what I can do to dig it out.

    Here is the last piece of the vid, sorry for the delay but laundry waits for no man.




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  7. Brewed

    Brewed Well-Known Member

    WOW that last clip was kick ass Thanx!!
  8. studlylamore

    studlylamore Member

    WOW. didn't know this existed. what website is this from ??

    Always a fan of Koika nipples. Great to see them get the attention they deserve from her friend. :p
  9. w0ndering

    w0ndering New Member

    Like it! Thanks...
  10. jake135

    jake135 Member

    Hey glad you all liked it and thanks for the comments.

    Sorry but I don't remember where I got it from, I downloaded it just like you guys so we owe our thanks to the original poster.

    I found the Koika solo-masturbation vid and it's uploading to RS now. Once I can cap it I'll post it up for you.
  11. joedirt

    joedirt Member

  12. puffyfan

    puffyfan New Member

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