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Bubbling - The Illusion Of Nudity - Celebs and Amateur - Open To Requests

Discussion in 'Creative Backyard' started by irish-sid, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. helium

    helium .

  2. magic_man555

    magic_man555 Well-Known Member

  3. magic_man555

    magic_man555 Well-Known Member

    I do have some bubbling work for indian amateur and actress, if anyone interested will post them
  4. Frenchman57

    Frenchman57 Well-Known Member

    Give me some bikini picture and i'll try to do my best.
    Example with Kournikova :

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  5. azioga

    azioga Member

    How about this one?

  6. Frenchman57

    Frenchman57 Well-Known Member


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