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Cum on Dagny - Colonial Facial

Discussion in 'Sexy Videos (Pro)' started by chucke2k, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. chucke2k

    chucke2k Well-Known Member

    New set from Dagny - Colonial Dagny

    After Myrtle Beach we decided visit Williamsburg. Jeff had never been there and I remember visiting when I was younger and wanted to see it again... The houses in the colonial part had remained untact..well some of them at least and it was interesting to see the town of Williamsburg...it had a very historic and of course colonial feel to it... while we were there everyone was dressed in costumes and they provided tours of the museums and certain houses throughout the town... very cute... We couldn't take all the colonial activities going on.so we decided it was time to go start our own fun somewhere else..unfortunately there were too many children running around and we were unsuccessful in attempts to have some outdoor fun... We got a room at one of the inns in Williamsburg... every one of them looked the same..big white house centered on an enormous green lawn... with a big overpass for drop offs... and steps leading up to double doors made of glass with shiny brass handles... . When we arrived at our room, I took the do not disturb sign and placed it on the outside door handle. It was about 3pm in the afternoon..the heat of the day. The room was at the right temperature, about 75 degrees... perfect... and I layed on the bed and looked at jeff with my seductive eyes and licked my lips... I noticed a smile appear on his face... then he walked towards me, as I sat there with my legs spread open... He leaned over me and kissed me passionately...

    I slowly glided my right hand up his pants, reaching for the zipper..then unzipped his pants, pulling them down to just about knee level... then took out his penis from his white cotton underwear... I start to stroke him as he kisses me..he begins to kiss me more aggressively... and then I feel his hand touch the back of my hair... he runs his fingers through my hair one time, then stops and grabs hold of me with my hair... I stop kissing him and look down at his penis in my hand, which is now very hard... I move in slowly... feeling his hand pushing the back of my head just a bit... I open up my mouth, which is very wet..and so am I... and begin to suck him... while using my hands to stroke him and I take my free hand and reach underneath and grab on to his balls... by now I am extremely wet and need to get fucked..i whisper do you want to fuck me and before I knew it, I was turned around and facing the bed, leaning over and getting fucked from behind... the bed had very long poles, which were used for canopy beds... and I grabbed hold of them and held myself up... I knew I was being fucked... which was turning me on... I love to feel dirty and slutty sometimes... I started to cum... I could feel myself cumming... all I could think of was cumming... chanting 'make me cum' harder' then jeff pulled out and said im going to cum I turned around and layed down on the bed, upside down... and looked up at jeff and watched him cum all over me... he came inside my mouth and all over my forehead... I whispered cum all over me followed with a sheepish grin... I could hear someone outside of our door... I wonder if they heard us..we weren't quiet by all means... I wonder if I hadn't put up the do not disturb sign if the cleaning lady would have walked in with her clean towels... I sure could have used one after that one... lol lol Love Dagny!!


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  2. mikesinner

    mikesinner Almost there

  3. J_Muzzle

    J_Muzzle Well-Known Member

    Wow! Never heard of Dagny before. Amazing!!!!!!!!
  4. Moshun_Dot_Net

    Moshun_Dot_Net Addicted

    nice cumbucket action
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