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DASD 050- Maria Ozawa Urine Idol

Discussion in 'Sexy Videos (Pro)' started by starbuck_21335, May 26, 2008.

  1. starbuck_21335

    starbuck_21335 Well-Known Member

  2. Trisha_T

    Trisha_T Well-Known Member

    interesting vids. thanks.
  3. slaghuis

    slaghuis Well-Known Member

    RS is stating that it is blocked for being "illegal" and will be deleted. ????
  4. starbuck_21335

    starbuck_21335 Well-Known Member

    Hm, that's no good.
    I got this before I went on holiday, sorry can't transfer these files at the moment.
  5. jayp

    jayp Well-Known Member

    Seriously. wtf.
    She's too hot for porn. And definitely too hot for pissing.
  6. jman2626

    jman2626 New Member

    Thanks for the vid, but it won't play for me in Media Player 11...anyone else having a problem? Any suggestions?
  7. Ramza9999

    Ramza9999 Well-Known Member

    You need the newest codecs, it is a japanese movie after all.
  8. congtuSG

    congtuSG Well-Known Member

    thanks man
  9. jaded211

    jaded211 Well-Known Member

    Any tips on updating the codecs on my Windows Media Player?
  10. redknapp69

    redknapp69 Well-Known Member

    I concur with this request.......anyone?
  11. Crower33

    Crower33 New Member

    seriously dunno why Maria is a pornstar (not complaining)..she can be a model, marry rich or atleast stick to penetration only!

    but she does anal, bukakke , drinks piss...gawd dayum...
  12. redknapp69

    redknapp69 Well-Known Member

    Any tips on updating the codecs on my Windows Media Player?
  13. slaghuis

    slaghuis Well-Known Member

    Maybe she ... ... likes it? ;-)
  14. trannyguy8000

    trannyguy8000 Well-Known Member


    (And no one is too hot for porn. Ever.)
  15. Wayne Thomas

    Wayne Thomas New Member

    I can play it on my most recently updated windows media player
  16. thosemeddling

    thosemeddling New Member

    possible to re-up rapidshare?


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