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(DF/RG) Erica Fontes, Blue Angel - Wed Flip For This Tip

Discussion in 'Sexy Videos (Pro)' started by srlove, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. srlove

    srlove Well-Known Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Erica Fontes, Blue Angel - Wed Flip For This Tip

    Size: 514mb
    Duration: 41:35 min
    Format: mp4
    Video: 640x360, 29.97 fps
    Audio: 48000 Hz, stereo
    Blue Angel and Erica Fontes are enjoying a little quality time with each other, lounging around in the sheets and showing their mutual appreciation of their abundant attractions. Or, to use old-time porn language, they’re “lezzing out!”. Gotta envy Blue’s hand caressing that fine Fontes fanny, and Erica ogling Angel’s blue orbs up close and personal. But then the doorbell rings and Choky Ice shows up, delivering a pizza, and before he can say, “Tipping is encouraged!” they pull him onto the bed to see what he has to offer their loins. Get ready for these wild girls delivering a torrid threesome as they gorge on his gristle even while the pizza is pushed to the side, with Erica inhaling the Iceman’s balls while Blue scarfs the shaft. The whole situation, captured in stunning pix and a Full HD hardcore XXX video, is such a surprise to Choky that at first he forgets to take off his protective cycler’s helmet, even as he fucks Erica and gets blown by Blue. But when cunnilingus is called for, he’s finally persuaded to remove the helmet so Erica can sit on his face while Blue laps her clitty while riding the Icicle cowgirl style. Erica gets boffed in the booty in some intense anal action, a silver bullet vibrator comes into play, and then Choky crams Erica’s veeg again before getting sucked by Blue and unloading his vessel all over the Angel mouth and on top of the Fontes mound. Blue gives Erica a spermy snowball after Choky vanishes, and then they remember to get down to eating that pizza! But poor Choky still didn’t get a $$$ tip--and man can’t live by pussy, asshole, and blowjobs alone, ya know!

    Link download:

    http://depositfiles.com/files/naj6jmgm9 ericafontes8376v1.mp4
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