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FTV Lina - Surprisingly Lesbian

Discussion in 'Bits And Pieces (No Posting!)' started by magicfingers, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. magicfingers

    magicfingers Well-Known Member

    Danielle's Comments: So I was in a seriously bad mood the day of the shoot. I got a comment from a member stating that I'm "fat and ugly." Well I'll have you know that I'm actually losing weight. Anyways so I didn't even feel like assisting the shoot, but Lina and the FTV photog talked me into it. Lina is an interesting character. She was super spunky and incredibly friendly when she first met me. She is probably one of the most talkative girls that I've assisted so far. So I drove us to some random resort and shot Lina walking around and stuff. The FTV photog had me sit next to Lina for some pictures and before you know it Lina just jumped on top of me. This is the first time I've ever been with a girl that is "dominant" normally I'm the dominant one. It definitely shocked me, but in a good way. We totally ended up getting caught though, so we took off to a restaurant and then went back home. This really wasn't supposed to turn into a girl-girl shoot, but I was attracted to her and she was attracted to me. So we were talking and kissing and I finally gathered the courage to ask if I could "go down on her." I was seriously nervous that she would turn me down, but instead she said yes. We fooled around a bit then decided to go to the "toy cabinet" and grab her a toy. Afterwards we went to get changed. Lina was nice enough to loan me some of her clothes since I didn't bring any....but I didn't think I would need them. She dressed me in this super cute black corset and these funky skull underwear, then we went upstairs so I could masturbate. I ended up using the Vibraking, which is this seriously strong toy that a member sent in. Personally I think it's incredibly strong...most girls won't be able to use it, it definitely takes some getting used to. I've borrowed it from the FTV photog for personal use and have had over 15 orgasms from it. I am the Vibraking pro!
    Videographer/Photographer's Comments: This girl sent me an application with the following photos: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9. As you see she was a brunette just a little while back, but arrived with sandy blonde hair. I like her better as brunette, but she's cute nonetheless. It all began with the idea of doing a solo masturbation shoot, while Danielle would be behind the scenes helping out. The voyeuristic portion in the beginning ended abruptly because she was so giggly; not a bad thing of course because she's so full of personality. She had a strong attraction to Danielle, and the chemistry seemed mutual. Before I knew it they were all over each other, and I considered the possibility of making this a true girl-girl shoot. We got some peoples' attention at the resort, and headed to a restaurant, where there was some interviewing. So by the time they were on the couch at home, Danielle was going down on Lina -- so her debut on a full girl-girl shoot. The teasing is over! Lina didn't come with much clothes for the shoot, but with a lot of lingerie -- so it was funny how Lina supplied the lingerie for Danielle. From heels to top, it was all Lina's clothing. Introducing a new toy, what a member calls the 'Vibraking', sent by that member for girls to try. A little too strong perhaps, but Danielle likes it.












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  2. drk168

    drk168 Well-Known Member

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  3. marlo13

    marlo13 Active Member

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  4. cxx666

    cxx666 New Member

    dead :(
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  5. vangog777

    vangog777 New Member

    Nice post! Thanks!
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