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INFO Guidelines for Signatures & Avatars

Discussion in 'The Phun House Rules & Information' started by J3scribe, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. J3scribe

    J3scribe non requisite Staff Member Most Awesome Thread ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Guidelines for Signatures & Avatars

    ** Signature (and avatar) images and/or text are often conceived to make a "statement/gesture" of a personal nature. However, signature and avatar language and images, in common with all forum post content, are subject to the principles laid down in the Personal Conduct Guidelines, and we will be alert to their potential for "shock-value" trolling, offensive posturing, visual or textual smart-ass jibes, and so forth. Anything deemed inconsistent with the spirit of Phun will be removed. **

    1. Signatures With Images

    a. Maximum permitted signature image dimensions - 550px wide × 160px high

    b. Maximum file size for a GIF signature (same maximum image dimensions as above) - 1.5MB

    c. A single line of small font text above and/or below a sig image is permissible - the text must remain within the image width and contain neither GIFs nor smileys.
    A single line of text should be no greater than Size 3. Two lines of text should be no greater that Size 2 each.

    d. Any imagehost may be used for sig images.​

    2. Signatures With Text Only

    a. Boundaries of the text should be equivalent to the "footprint" of a 550px wide × 160px high image.

    b. Text size should be no greater than Size 3, regardless of font.

    c. Offsite links are prohibited with the exception of certain conditions met. Please consult Staff before adding offsite links.

    3. Avatars & Profile Images

    a. Default settings

    1. user-profile-pic: 100x100px, 64KB, non-animated

    2. avatar: 80x80px, 20K, non-animated​

    b. Intermediate settings


    c. Max. settings (>100K posts)

    1. user-profile-pic: 150x150, 300KB, animated

    2. avatar: 120x120, 400KB, animated​

    4. User Title (the phrase shown below your username)

    Unhappy/bored with your User Title?

    If your postcount is 1500 or above you can personalise it!

    Go to:

    "Settings" >> "My Settings" >> "Edit Profile" >> "Custom User Title" >> insert your chosen phrase >> click on "Save Changes" (bottom right)

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