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Iraq Soldiers Wife Strips On Webcam

Discussion in 'Sexy Videos (Pro)' started by superperv, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. superperv

    superperv New Member

  2. akacarsondaly

    akacarsondaly New Member

    shit...if i had that at home....why the hell would i wanna go to war?
  3. lacubs

    lacubs New Member

    is this video downloadable?
  4. dc5-rsx

    dc5-rsx New Member

    gr8 stuff!
  5. ItPutsTheLotionOnItsSkin

    ItPutsTheLotionOnItsSkin It's So Moist

  6. DirtyItaly

    DirtyItaly The Don of Amateurs

    I know seriously.
  7. ThirtySomethin

    ThirtySomethin Above Average

    if she didnt want it to get out then she shouldnt have done it.

    ya know if I rob a bank theres a chance that I might get busted on that too. do i blame the cops for catching me??
  8. coolmojito

    coolmojito New Member

    Crazy. When I was in the Army, we called the guy who was banging our girlfriends while we were away, "Jody." As in "Jody's done your girl and gone."
  9. lacubs

    lacubs New Member

  10. KDR

    KDR New Member

    damn it...
    i thought the girl was iraqian lool
    i've never seen iraqian sex before... and i'm from iraq myself loool.

    thanx for sharing anywayz hehehe
  11. sloride

    sloride New Member

  12. SLD

    SLD New Member

    I call fake boobs

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