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Lovely JAV cutie Yui Hatano - hot new sex scene, new Japanese trend? - IKnowThatGirl [MULTI]

Discussion in 'Sexy Videos (Pro)' started by mokkoriman, May 3, 2012.


What do you think of the possible trend of JAV stars in US/European produced uncensored videos?

  1. Awesome! We need beautiful Asian pornstars and JAV stars are some of the hottest! YOSH!

    0 vote(s)
  2. Don't really care about JAV stars - as long as they look hot, that's cool by me.

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  3. Whatever - JAV girls look hot but their acting is annoying.

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  1. mokkoriman

    mokkoriman Cunninglinguist ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Yui Hatano

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So, I'm going to be a little more wordier than usual in these uploads (which is saying a lot), but want to explain what I mean by "new Japanese trend" in the title of this post.

    Some may not know, but not all porn is the same and that's certainly the case in Japan; the vast majority JAV (Japanese Adult Video) flicks are censored, where male and female genitalia are "mosaiced" out. It's been this way for many decades and while there are a few Japanese studios that film uncensored works with increased popularity, censored JAV works are where the most beautiful JAV female performers are found.

    So it's rather an interesting curiosity that Brazzers recently featured JAV actress Harumi Asano in a recent episode of "BigTitsAtSchool" and might be a sign that either JAV studios will be working with US porn companies to release their works here in the US OR JAV actresses will start appearing in more big time US productions and/or websites. It's pretty interesting to me as a JAV fan and also gives me a small bit of pervy hope that we may see some of the major censored JAV stars (i.e. Akiho Yoshizawa, Yuma Asami, Nana Ogura, etc.,) uncensored! Kinda funny as there are many JAV fans who do not welcome this "new trend" at all. :shrug:

    Anyway, I welcome this trend especially if the JAV actresses making these types of appearances are as lovely as Yui Hatano. While this isn't her first time doing uncensored works, it's still noteworthy being featured at Mofos 'IKnowThatGirl' subsite (titled 'Coming Home From Work'). I'm also quite pleasantly surprised that this is a GREAT scene that not only shows off Yui Hatano's sexy charm and nice natural body, but unlike many JAV actresses, Yui Hatano doesn't "overact" with high-pitched painful shrieks, but more in stimulated delight. Furthermore, Yui Hatano really knows how to please the lucky dude showing off solid BJ skills and wonderful grinding skills; also got to say the POV action is framed PERFECTLY. Finishes with an average happy ending facial that Yui Hatano takes almost lovingly including some hot post-ejac love. A really hot scene and hopefully much more in the future. :yup:


    Backup screencaps:

    Download Interchangeable Links: (2 RAR file=one 455MB MP4 file, Runtime=55:59, 854x480 resolution) Password is "mokkori" (without quotes)
    RS Links:
    DF Links:
    FC Links:
    Lastly, please participate in the poll, would be interested in knowing what you guys think of this possible new trend. :yup:

    As always, thanks are nice replies/comments twice. ENJOY!
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  2. d0880a

    d0880a New Member

    Great post, Thanks Mokkori! Big JAV fan here, hoping this "trend" continues!
  3. FollowerOfLinus

    FollowerOfLinus New Member

    Awesome post this chick is amazing.
    possible to get this on HF? rapid is SO dreadfully slowwwwwww.
  4. rack-em

    rack-em New Member

    Unfortunately, one doesn't make a trend. SCORE recently put up some spreads of Hitomi Tanaka, for example, but she kept her legs closed.

    If Yui is an isolated crossover, though, she's the perfect one as far as I'm concerned.

    A more interesting trend in my opinion is the dirtier producers like Rocket starting to cast named stars like Yui and Maria Ozawa. Maybe this signals more of the topliners will be available for uncensored as well.
    1 person likes this.
  5. 5p1d3R

    5p1d3R Perfect Pair Hunting ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    I have long hoped for the day when Japan would abandon there rules on censoring porn. I would love to see Akira Fubuki's or Sora Aoi's private parts! :mouth_water: Japan has a plethora of gorgeous sluts. :naughty: I guess this is the next best thing. :cheers:

    On a side note, I wonder which will happen first: the US legalizing Mary Jane or Japan does away with censorship. :swordfight:
    1 person likes this.
  6. mokkoriman

    mokkoriman Cunninglinguist ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Point taken rack-em... I would've titled it "possible start of a new trend"... but you know, space restrictions in the title for new threads made. ;)

    But it is a bit of a trend though... you've already stated Hitomi Tanaka on Score and - while she refuses to show "the goods" so to speak - it's probably just a matter of time. Harumi Asano actually made her "American debut" on Brazzers last week and from reading other JAV forums, Marika Hase is supposedly in Los Angeles shooting with Hustler. Though to be fair, Marika Hase isn't that popular of a JAV actress and frankly, I don't find her that attractive.

    In any event, it's worth keeping an eye on and hopefully, it's enough of a success for Brazzers/Mofos and Hustler that we'll see the REAL HOT JAV stars featured in more uncensored works. Making me drool with the possibilities. :mouth_water:
  7. Hamsterslapper

    Hamsterslapper erogenous nipples

    Awesome find, my old friend! Please tell me she's taking non-Japanese cock, or at the very least that the guy fucking her isn't doing that goofy jackrabbit style humping.

    Much as I'd love to see this, I have to agree that Rapidshare doesn't work for me either. It used to be my filehost of choice, but lately it's been so slow the downloads just time out.
  8. mokkoriman

    mokkoriman Cunninglinguist ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    No, her male partner is Japanese - but no goofy "jack-rabbit" style humping though, as Yui Hatano does much of the work (quite hot).

    I'm thinking this is a bit of a "test" investment by Brazzers/Mofos - they'll hire out help in Japan and shoot a few scenes with JAV stars and, if it turns out a fruitful profit, they'll send out their own Brazzers/Mofos team and talent out to Japan in the future. Could be a very good thing as the Asian porn scene is really quite bland and could use an infusion of imported talent. :yup:
  9. sgnl05

    sgnl05 Well-Known Member

    this is really a hot scene.

    the girls in JAV are cute, but i dont usually dont bother with it because the mosaic censoring annoys the hell out of me. it would be great to see them in more american POV style vids
  10. nattei

    nattei Well-Known Member

    Absolutely hilarious crap clain that "american porn scene" would somehow help Japanese one.
    USA porn has only slight less (second worst of the whole world) retarded fake screaming/moronic
    over the top acting etc. than Japanese.

    You can lot's of thing but Japanese porn is certainly way less bland than USA (blandest of all)
  11. uuuu

    uuuu Active Member

    There are two kinds of Japanese porn, the censored one, and the uncensored one. The girls of the censored one are much nicer, they could pass as model. They don't cross the border to uncensored. It could be that they loose value when they go uncensored.
  12. bigboy4752002

    bigboy4752002 Well-Known Member

    There are a lot of uncesored Japanese videos with very beautiful women. Most are from Pacopacomama, H0930, and H4610 companies. Some of the women from Jwife and Jgirl production companies use common looking next door looking women and girls. I found them all great to watch, but I turn the volume off because of their fake crying that must be popular with Japanese men. One other thing I am curious about in Japanese videos, do all of the men own a lot of dildos just to play with the women? It seems like they pull them out of everywhere just to attack the women. LOL
  13. raiders19

    raiders19 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Mokkori......lately I have decided the best bodies in porn are found on these Japanese actresses. Girls like Julia Boin, Rio Hamasaki, and Nao Tachibana really get me going, but that mosaic-genital thing is a total boner killer! I'd love to see more of those 3 if you have any
  14. Jinxster

    Jinxster Well-Known Member

    is there any julia boin uncensored stuff about? never been able find anything

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