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making, hosting and posting screencaps with vids - a pictured tutorial

Discussion in 'About phun.org' started by TheRiver, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. TheRiver

    TheRiver temporarily a little out of order. Ten Years of Phun ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    quote from: http://forum.phun.org/showthread.php?t=77405:
    exactly. and not only by us mods. makes threads more interesting, provides decision support.

    Here you are - one way to make, host and post caps accompanying videos.

    what you need:

    used filehost: www.rapidshare.com
    used imagehost: www.imagevenue.com

    okay, i am biased, but i have my reasons. imagegrabber is easy-to-use, and rapidshare and imagevenue are the most reliable file/image-hosts i have seen within the ~21 months i´m a member here on phun.

    first part: screen-capping with imagegrabber II

    there are two ways to create screencaps - individual pics and a "contact-sheet".

    download imagegrabber (~1MB), install and start the program

    - individual caps (pro: original screen-size of the vid):

    load the vid you want to post


    klick on the monitor-button and put the number of pics you want to create in the respective form


    wait until imagegrabber is finished with capping and klick on "file"->"save multiple" - files will be saved in the folder you choose.
    done ;)


    - contact-sheet (pro: kind of a "scap-book", less single-pics to be hosted)

    move the mouse over the "cap-bar", right-klick->"delete all" - that clears the caps generated above.


    again klick on the "monitor"-button and put the ammount of caps you want to have


    wait until imagegrabber is finished with capping and klick on "file"->"save file"


    you can "play" with some settings (number of rows, background-colors etc.), i recommend to fill out the "details" with file-name, -size, -format, -resolution and vid-length


    give the "contact-sheet" a matching name considering the vid-name.
    done. ;)

    now you have some individual screen-caps and a contact sheet - on to the next step.

    second part: hosting the caps on imagevenue

    go to www.imagevenue.com, klick on "up to 10 pics", if you need to, choose the pics you want to upload , don´t forget to tag them as "not safe for work" and klick on "send files".


    after a short while you&#180;ll get the following - the thumbnails of the uploaded pics and a bunch of codes in different forms. copy those where it&#180;s said "forum or message board" (hint: always use the codes/links where the >[URL<-part is written in in capitals)


    i suggest to paste these links in a .txt-file, you need them later on, too bad if due to an uncareful closing of a window you&#180;ll have to re-up the pics.
    done ;)

    third part: hosting the vid on rapidshare

    go to www.rapidshare.com, klick on "durchsuchen"/"browse"m browse your HD for the vid you want to upload and klick on "upload".


    depending on traffic, filesize and connection-speed you will be able to watch the blue bar growing from left to right.


    when the upload is finished you will get the link to the vid as below.


    have in mind that the max. filesize for rs-uploads is 100MB - if needed split your vid, either with winrar or winzip or with a vid-splitter (boilsoft video-splitter) in "handy" parts.
    not every phunner is proud owner of a rapidshare-premium-account, be kind and don&#180;t split the vid into more parts than neccessary.

    hint: paste the rs-link(s) into the same .txt-file as the imagevenue-links
    done ;)

    fourth part: creating a video-mania-thread

    go to the video-mania, klick on "new thread" and fill in the required forms.

    - title: don&#180;t hesitate to mention the name of the model(s) and what else you know about the vid - makes it easier to search to avoid double-/reposts.
    - infos: we like to see basic infos about file-size, -format, vid-length, -resolution - makes it easier to decide to download.
    - paste all given code/links from imagevenue and the rapidshare-link into the lower, bigger form and klick on "preview"


    you can "play" with font-color, size and style, center the images etc. etc. - your choice. if everything looks fine - "submit new thread".

    congrats to a nice, informative and "neat looking" new thread - may you have many views, downloads and comments by your visitors. ;)


    all images are hosted in imagevenue - for better viewing klick on the thumbs
  2. RedheadedBastard

    RedheadedBastard Well-Known Member

    Image Grabber II has been locking up on me quite often when I'm trying to make screen caps. I was using Capturex 1.4 when IG won't work, but the trial ran out. Any suggestion on a different progam to use when IG II is giving me trouble?
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  3. brcook09

    brcook09 In The Crack

    Windows Media Player Classic will do much the same thing as Imagegrabber II
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  4. gaptekboy

    gaptekboy New Member

    Any ImageGrabber-like software for Linux?
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  5. TheRiver

    TheRiver temporarily a little out of order. Ten Years of Phun ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    this is the only one i know of:

    VLC media player

    while watching a vid you can klick on "screenshot" as often as desired.
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  6. shrike

    shrike New Member

    Any other fully automated tools? Manual capping is just too tedious when uploading dozens of videos.
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  7. TheRiver

    TheRiver temporarily a little out of order. Ten Years of Phun ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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  8. supersyz

    supersyz Above Average

    Not sure if im running a old version of classic player because i cant find how to make captures with it.
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  9. rapids_x

    rapids_x firebrigade

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  10. Indian Serpant

    Indian Serpant New Member

    Yes, what about an automated tool.

    I am currently uploading hundred videos, and it is too tedious. Does anyone know about a tool that would take just few clicks?

    I am using Image grabber, it works fine for manual capping, but I have to do all the steps every time, for each file. :(
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  11. rapids_x

    rapids_x firebrigade

    Another tool for screencaptures, but its shareware, must purchase to remove the "....DEMO" text in caps! So not prefered to use in demo.
    Frame Shots

    I have tried Vers 2.2.5 (1,41Mb on my pc)

    Also for download Frameshots Beta Version 3.0 (supports DVD and profiles for saving different settings..)

    I made DVD screencaps with the 2.2.5, (options were different on each cap) and added the software screen:

    Don't know how to use it bymyself and also don't know if these have a built in thumbmaker.
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  12. rapids_x

    rapids_x firebrigade

    One good software more. Not freeware.
    HyperSnap&#8482; (6)
    Text from site: "HyperSnap combines the power of a first-class screen capture application with an advanced image editing utility - wrapped into one easy-to-use tool!".

    Use on:
    Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003 Server or newer
    (Built in new TextSnap&#8482;
    Windows 2000, XP or newer)
    English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Chinese, Czech, Hungarian, Russian, Slovak
    English 20days in trial. No demo text in saved screens (tried english vers). This sofware have no built in player, must use your own player and set a tab for it to cap. Vids saved on my comp were capped, but the screen from (first test) dvd were black (has capped full windows area too), Don't know about the options for it (if there is?). And have not seen anything to put the screens together with Hypersnap, no sense to look further in the options. Have uninstall it. Just use a freeware (see above).
    Thank you
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  13. king_of all

    king_of all King Rulez ALL

    thanks for the info
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  14. brainstorm2k6

    brainstorm2k6 Active Member

    Yes :)
    var="" ; for f in $(seq 1500 3000 40500) ; do var=$var$f"-"$(( $f+1 ))"," ; done
    transcode -i movie.avi -y im -F jpg -c $var
    Then create a montage:
    montage -background white -bordercolor black -geometry 352x288 -tile 3x10 *.jpg output.jpg
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  15. TRI_co

    TRI_co New Member

    is there a way that i can download multiple videos without having to wait 160 mins in rapidshare?
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  16. sr12345

    sr12345 Well-Known Member

    Other Mac users may appreciate this link to Screen Grabber:


    This is what I use to make captures from my videos, and it's the simplest solution I've come across. It's completely automated - just say how many thumbnails you want and how large the resulting image should be, and it automatically creates a series of evenly-spaced captures.

    If precise control over capturing is desired, VLC can take screenshots, and there's always the old standby, Grab.

    I'm not the only Mac user here, am I?
  17. rapids_x

    rapids_x firebrigade

    I had a info about a tool from "techsmit" Snagit (newest) is 8.2.3, but you can get an older version SnagIt 7.2.5 (supports wind98, newest doesnt) full version key in your email just for free by techsmit, for promoting their (new) software.
    Just get your key here for this version, type a name (you should use same name on snagit install):

    Download here the right version: www.oldapps.com/download.php?oldappsid=SnagIt725.exe

    Or for you people that like "experiments", ( and there are also other languages if you wish an other language, but shall be same version to get the key work??), ftp://ftp.techsmith.com/Pub/products/snagit
    you can copy easily from there select folder or whatever, right click and choose destination to your own folder.

    I am curiuos, so ive get the free key and installed the tool, looks realy powerfull, too much options, possibilities, nice menu, but just not tried. I could not need to much things at this moment, maybe some of you. This is free to use for ever (don't have to pay for this software version 7.2.5), maybe something for you:D
    look to screen om my comp:
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  18. sharmila4u

    sharmila4u Well-Known Member

    If you are using a DSL Modem just switch it off and turn it on after 30 Seconds, you will get a new IP. If you are on a dial-up connection simply disconnect and reconnect.

    If you've got a dedicated IP May god help you!!!!!:)
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  19. TRI_co

    TRI_co New Member

    apparently i do coz i turned my modem off for like a minute and it gave me the same ip adress
    thanks anyways!
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  20. deyamonte

    deyamonte Well-Known Member

    great tips, i'll be putting them to use
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