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Mokkoriman's 13K / 3 Year Milestone: The Stroker Ace Compilation Challenge! [MULTI]

Discussion in 'Hall of Fame' started by mokkoriman, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. mokkoriman

    mokkoriman Cunninglinguist ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    There's some weird symmetry with this milestone. :scratchchin:

    Firstly, in the great community of Phun, 13K isn't actually that huge of a post number compared to some of the better-known regulars. But looking around the semi-regulars in the Sexy Videos section specifically - yeah, I'm kinda of big deal. :lol:

    But moreover, having joined Phun 3 years ago after the close of AS, I've tried my best to remain constant to the posting philosophy that I think Phun represents - sharing quality porn scenes that I personally would enjoy with the rest of the Phun community. While most will look at the SVF section now and bemoan how it has become more of a porn dump than ever before, it's a matter of perspective; take a look at other public adult boards and you'll see that Phun is still one of the finest boards thanks in major part to the constant voluntary work of the mod team. Thanks to them and to a receptive community (not without its bad eggs of cashspammers & reposters.. but whatevers), the day it's no longer fun to share porn at Phun, I won't be posting anymore. And thankfully , 3 years and 13,000 posts later, that hasn't been the case. :yup:

    So, a little celebration for 3 years of naughty fun comes with this latest compilation, a video that took a little more than a month to make. Not sure if that means it's a real good compilation or just the speed of my video editing skills are deteriorating with age. ;)

    With that, I present to you, the compilation challenge to be known as:


    (FYI, Phun sig creating savant Lukin did up this logo, so give him props if/when you can).​

    As some of you regular Phun pervs may know, my newest obsession is the making of porn compilations cuz let’s face it – most of the porn compilations out there are average at best. Slapping random scenes together with little thought, thematic build-up or time spent are the easy signs of a poor compilation. So when I came upon the ‘Cock Hero’ compilation series, I was very intrigued – not only because of the quality scene selected and the above-average editing – but the theme itself was pretty interesting. The ‘Cock Hero’ compilations main call-to-fame is the mandatory “stroking beat” that accompanies the music in the compilation; users are encouraged to “stroke” to this background beat. While that sounds silly enough, if anything it breaks up the usual “fapping” experience and in many cases, it enhances it as well. With that in mind, I decided to take a try with my version of this type of “stroke-rhythm” based video compilation which if you haven’t figured out, I’m calling the ‘Stroker Ace Challenge’.

    So, to break it down a bit more, here's the format to this “game”:


    3 Stages, 3 Rounds per stage – Each Stage has its own theme

    Stage 1 – Tease

    I’m of the belief that hot women who know exactly how to move and groove to music – well, hell there are few things sexier. And that’s what the 3 Rounds of Stage 1 are devoted to – lots of fantastic hotties dancing and stripping with some light masturbation worked in.

    Stage 2 – Foreplay

    The Rounds in Stage 2 are all about foreplay – lots of hot teasing play with naughty handjobs, tittyfucking and of course the oral pleasure of blowjobs. All of the girls featured in Stage 2 definitely know how to handle the cock to deliver maximum arousal.

    Stage 3 – Sexy Sex

    Building upon the previous Stages, all the Rounds of Stage 3 are about the straight-up hardcore action with some of my favorite selections in my archive as well as some recent hot newcomers to look out for in the future.


    Yeah yeah – rules to a porn video? Well, you don’t have to follow them but it’s kinda fun to give it a try – plus there really aren’t that many:

    1) Stroke to the video, and don’t cum until till you are allowed at the very, very end. And yes, if you do climax too early, it's game over - try again from the start!

    2) Stroke to the “Stroke” beat – with the music, you’ll also hear a woodblocksy/cowbellsy rhythm beat that acts as the main instruction to tell you when to stroke and how fast you’ll be stroking. The beat will change several times throughout the video so pay attention – you’ll also be given instructions onscreen on the stroke beat description as well as a 5 second warning when the Stroke beat will change.

    3) Breaks – If you’re worried about stroking for the entire length of this video (about an hour) don’t worry; throughout the video, you’ll be given several short Breaks to “catch your breath”. Also, in-between Rounds you’ll be given slightly longer Breaks (sort of… you’ll see) and even better, in between Stages are Recovery Periods of up to a minute that should really help.

    4) Timeouts - More importantly are Timeouts; you are allowed one 30-second Timeout PER STAGE. Basically, you can take a Timeout anytime during the video when you’re “on that edge”, but you cannot pause the video during your personal Timeout. Furthermore, you are only allowed one Timeout PER STAGE, not per round. So try not to expend your Timeout too early in a Stage – you might not make it to the later rounds.

    The last thing with Timeouts – you can carryover any unused Timeouts to the next Stage. So, if you can make it through Stage 1 without using a Timeout, you’ll carry over that Timeout to Stage 2 giving you 2 Timeouts. And yes, that means if you don’t use any Timeouts at all going to Stage 3, you’ll have 3 Timeouts to use!

    Like I said above – you don’t need to follow the rules and just use this compilation as new fapping material. But really, just give it a try!

    Lastly, want to give credit to Lukin once again for the fantastic logo, even though I only used it a couple of times. :lol:


    Backup screencaps:

    Download Interchangeable Links: (3 RAR file=one 1.3GB AVI file, Runtime=1:00:05, 960x540 resolution), Password is "mokkori" (without quotes)
    MEGA Links:

    So Phunsters, enjoy this new type of compilation – I doubt I’ll be doing something like this again cuz this was a FUCKING A LOT OF WORK.

    AND AS ALWAYS, thanks are nice, replies/comments twice! Onward to the next (?) milestone!
    143 people like this.
  2. black_mist

    black_mist Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass

    Great idea! Congrats for 13K and thanks for this compilation!
    1 person likes this.
  3. rankxeros

    rankxeros Almost there

    Congratulation Mokkoriman and thanks for your nice work (as always). :D
    1 person likes this.
  4. paddy1001

    paddy1001 New Member

    thanks for this great compilatiion and on 13k
    1 person likes this.
  5. Lukin

    Lukin Mr Nici ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    jeez Mok this has taken a while, i'd completely forgotten about doing the graphic! downloading it now, after all the effort that's gone into it it'd be rude not to ;)
    1 person likes this.
  6. p0rnstar82

    p0rnstar82 pr0naholic

    Gratz bro, nice work! :D
    1 person likes this.
  7. madmaxwebwarrior

    madmaxwebwarrior New Member

    Great music selection, Lovage is awesome ;)
    1 person likes this.
  8. holecard

    holecard Guest

    Congrats on 13k Mokki! Thanks for the vid! :fing02:
  9. Perfect4ths

    Perfect4ths Take a knee and blow me! ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆




    I'm Out! :naughty:
    7 people like this.
  10. sigfried1972

    sigfried1972 Active Member

    Congratulations Mokkoriman
  11. tomfulery

    tomfulery Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all your hardwork and effort! You really set the bar high for phunsters...
  12. Pogi Bear

    Pogi Bear New Member

    good job man!
  13. GearheadElvis

    GearheadElvis ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆


    I'm not gonna "play along", though... :yikes:

  14. bumblebee2

    bumblebee2 Well-Known Member

    Downloading part 1 right now. Surely its 1.3GB and not 1.3MB Mokkori? :p
  15. lizard_na

    lizard_na Well-Known Member

    Thanks for new challenge and congrats on 13K
  16. mehappy

    mehappy New Member

    thanks Mokkoriman,
    awesome post, ive done some video editing in my time so I know this must have taken loads of work to put together. Think its worth the effort! excellent work dude
  17. Mo

    Mo LFC 4 Life ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Congrats on the 13k
  18. You're a good man! :D haha, congrats :banana:
  19. MasterBator

    MasterBator Ten Years of Phun ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Filesonic down already???
  20. mokkoriman

    mokkoriman Cunninglinguist ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Not surprised - unreasonable men make life difficult. :roll:

    but reupped all the same. Thanks for the heads-up MB. :thumbs:
    1 person likes this.

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