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My 30K with my favo Cuban Lady

Discussion in 'Hall of Fame' started by Magge, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Magge

    Magge Phun`s Yoda ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Just want to say this:
    It`s GOOD to be back !
    ... and THANKS to You all for making this the Best place on the internet !

    Well, here we go with the lovely

    Daisy Fuentes

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. MarkyMark1971

    MarkyMark1971 Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    PINK YODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:banana:

    Congrats Magge!!!!:beerchug:
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  3. Salty Longshanks

    Salty Longshanks Using my third arm

    Congrats Maggs! Glad you're back amongst us, and thanks for the delicious Daisy my friend. :D :beerchug:
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  4. FaileyCyrus

    FaileyCyrus Grande for Ariana

    Congrats Magge :)lol:) !!! :cheers:
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  5. arespilgrim

    arespilgrim Blast from the Past ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    Magenta on you good it looks. :wink:

    And, apropos of nothing, but your Cubano? Being squired by an Englishman.

    Just FYI. :wink:
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  6. driller195

    driller195 Well-Known Member

    Congrats on 30K. Great post
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  7. Robynfan01

    Robynfan01 Live your life!

    CONGRATS MAGGE!! :D:D:D:D:banana::banana::banana:
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  8. firefly1984

    firefly1984 Make It So.

    Well that's just awesome :D

    Congrats Magge!
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  9. TheDoctor2010

    TheDoctor2010 I am the man in the box

    Congrats on the milestone and good choice, I've always been a fan of Daisy's as well. :)
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  10. Razor84

    Razor84 The Masked Man

    Congrats Magge!

    Nice Cuban woman you got there. :yumyum:
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  11. mah0ne

    mah0ne momsenetic

    Sensational Thread. :thumbs:

    Huge congrats on the color change, yoda!! :banana:
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  12. Haverchuck

    Haverchuck Have a Drink on Me ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    congrats Magge and welcome to the magenta club :beerchug:

    always nice to see Daisy :D
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  13. 2001pm

    2001pm 2+2 is on my mind...

    Hell yeah... Look, at that! :D Congratulations "Magenta Magge!"
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  14. :cheers: Big CONGRATZ on 30K Magge! :cheers:
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  15. Congrats :tup:
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  16. Inuk

    Inuk insert witty comment here ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    she's a wonderful way to celebrate there Magge!

    it's great to have you back!
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  17. DirtyCa$h

    DirtyCa$h I'll make ya famous!

    Congrats Magge!


    welcome back! :hug:
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  18. sandman187

    sandman187 Above Average

    Excellent choice of women, Daisy is an All Star Cuban Icon!!!

    Congrat's on your Huge Milestone 30K!!!
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  19. Throbbn

    Throbbn I'm only here for Phun! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Ten Years of Phun

    Congrats on 30,000 posts Magge21!

    Bazinga, Daisy Fuentes was a great reason to watch MTV many years ago - she is a sexy thing! Nice to have you back having Phun Yoda! :D
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  20. readabk

    readabk Addicted

    Welcome back Magge!! Congrats on 30K!!
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