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Natalie Portman - g-string / non-g-string comparison in Your Highness trailers x1

Discussion in 'Celebrity Photos' started by Cabinet, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Cabinet

    Cabinet Banned

    Red band trailer version on the left, green band on the right. Which one do you think is real? Better not be pulling another Alba. :mad:

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  2. gigage

    gigage Well-Known Member

    Left. The right one looks shopped
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  3. Tatsu

    Tatsu Well-Known Member

    Left is real. And it's not "a thong", but a chastity belt.
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  4. Kieks

    Kieks Getting away with it, all messed up.

    I read the full one was to be used for the PG trailer.
  5. Jammsbro

    Jammsbro Finally

    The clip, caps and gifs are all over phun.
  6. Babes R Us

    Babes R Us I'm back!

    I say Red Band one is real
  7. aaagary123

    aaagary123 Well-Known Member

    Didn't Natalie getting really mad when the Red Band(real) one showed up on the internet about a month back? Green Band version might be a way of trying make the other one go away. Not much chance of that though.
  8. Cabinet

    Cabinet Banned

    So are the clips, caps and gifs of Jessica Alba's Machete scene, which likewise used two different versions for the redband/movie and greenband trailer. Doesn't prove anything on its own.
  9. yenso

    yenso Well-Known Member

    I think the left one is real. The right one looks fake.
    The older guys on here ;) may remember a scene from Into the Blue, where they censored Alba's butt. I think it's the same here.
    left: orignal - right: censored
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  10. sunsun

    sunsun Well-Known Member

    Albas and Nats asses are unstoppable sexual forces so powerful they needs to be censored for the general public. Thats awesome.
  11. Grathon

    Grathon Well-Known Member

    The red one is the real one. Image manipulation admitted by Universal.

    She's wearing a Chastity Belt that has an important place in the story.
    The scrip described her naked except for a Chastity Belt in that scene.
    The "bikini top" did of course not exist in medieval times, so that is only a part of the wardrobe to shield the "sensitive" American audience.
  12. ManRay

    ManRay Back !! (Kinda)

    Sweet bejesus !

    This might be just the best post in existence, ever !
  13. Mr.deleted

    Mr.deleted Well-Known Member

    Or more likely because Natalie Portman has said many, many times she'd never do on-screen nudity. :roll:
  14. vagina_exam

    vagina_exam Banned

    It's not the sensitive American audience as much as it is the sensitive prude censors of the (MPAA) Motion Picture Association of America ratings board.
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  15. starshot

    starshot Active Member

    Jerry Springer would have something to say about this
  16. Shala420

    Shala420 10 inch

    Left one for sure. Right one looks like a bad paint job
  17. Jammsbro

    Jammsbro Finally

    Okay cabint, the one with the g string is real.

  18. readabk

    readabk Addicted

    She has a nice ass!!
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  19. Damocles

    Damocles Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm in agreement with you.
  20. Jammsbro

    Jammsbro Finally

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