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NN model X-ray thread (NEW)!!!!

Discussion in 'Model Forum' started by JPeep1es, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. southak

    southak New Member

    Can someone please explain the point of this thread - aren't they all naked models anyway ???:confused:
  2. tbrown5175

    tbrown5175 New Member

    NN = Non-Nude, so no they are not naked.
  3. JPeep1es

    JPeep1es Well-Known Member

    Here's Krissy Love:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. theofoto

    theofoto New Member

    can someone try this one? thanks

    Diablo.dbl and fanfinal like this.
  5. tableclown

    tableclown New Member

    This thread needs more attention, casey cam needs to be xrayed more! she has so much potential, half her shots are in like white and wet bikinis@ Lets see some more xray of casey cam@
  6. JPeep1es

    JPeep1es Well-Known Member

    post the pic you want xrayed...and I'll do it for you
    reaganomics and killereg like this.
  7. tableclown

    tableclown New Member

  8. tableclown

    tableclown New Member

  9. K_T

    K_T Well-Known Member

    The pics do not really qualify for x-raying.
    Firstly some are too low quality, and in the others the materials are faaaar to thick.
  10. c-through

    c-through Ignoring the true trolls ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    theofoto and tableclown, you guys need to properly post if you want your pics considered. Use an external host and upload the pics, then paste in the provided forum code to generate a thumbnail link. Don't hotlink images from other sites. Bumping your own post is also a no-no.
  11. ib18

    ib18 New Member

    There are a couple good pics of Kari Sweets on page 7 that I would love to see done. Especially the one in the white shirt where you can tell she has nipples.
  12. mausbaer

    mausbaer Well-Known Member

    Tra this one, please:


    thanks in advance!:)
    reaganomics likes this.
  13. JPeep1es

    JPeep1es Well-Known Member

    Stephanie from totalsupercuties.com:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  14. richard mcbeef

    richard mcbeef Well-Known Member

    denise milani pokies!

    johnmark and reaganomics like this.
  15. mausbaer

    mausbaer Well-Known Member

  16. bcop803

    bcop803 Well-Known Member

    nice post.
  17. diknabox

    diknabox Active Member

  18. slaghuis

    slaghuis Well-Known Member

    Now that we get to see Christina Model's b00bs, can we get an x-ray of her pussy? :)

    cheqwe likes this.
  19. freematanga

    freematanga New Member

  20. lovethepink

    lovethepink New Member

    please x ray her
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