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CHAT OFFICIAL Discussion Thread For SEXY VIDEOS (Pro)!

Discussion in 'Sexy Videos (Pro)' started by Baxter49, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Beerhammer

    Beerhammer Well-Known Member

    There should be a rule against people blatantly breaking up files into a whole bunch of little sections just so they can get more downloads- I REFUSE to buy a hotfile membership after getting burned by Rapidshare and then Filesonic,,,, and it sucks when there's nice clip that you'd like only to find some douche has broken it into 8 files :(

    And why am I the only one posting in here?? C'mon guys, quit masturbating long enough to make a few posts now and then!!
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  2. Lapans

    Lapans Well-Known Member

    There's nothing worth downloading on hotfile anyways, even if there were it is all deleted in about three days.

    In other news Mokkori started a new thread http://forum.phun.org/showthread.php?t=896509

    For those who do not have premium Rapidshare accounts, some ingenuity with Google will allow you to download the clips in Mokkori's thread in a much more timely fashion.
  3. screwbydoo

    screwbydoo New Member

    How can I resurrect a "closed thread"? Celeste Marie's thread in this section is closed an all the links are currently dead. I would like to post what few videos I have found of her in hopes others will contribute the missing ones.

    Do I just start a new thread titled "Celeste Marie" although one already exists. Or start one entitled "Celeste Marie - Resurrected" ?

    I'm just a noob looking to contribute without breaking any rules.

  4. Hoyas826

    Hoyas826 New Member

    I hope this is the correct forum to make this inquiry!!!

    Has anyone seen a trailer on the Karlie Montana debut B/G video with Voodoo?

    Just curious

  5. mokkoriman

    mokkoriman Cunninglinguist ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Nah... Brazzers is taking their sweet, sweet time. The promo pictures would be the first to release and those MIGHT be out later this week. It's possible the full video will be out late next week. FYI, this is all a personal guesstimation with absolutely no scientific basis whatsoever. :mrgreen:
  6. Hoyas826

    Hoyas826 New Member

    Thanks Man, you are the best
  7. DrCompNut

    DrCompNut Well-Known Member

    according to Karlie
    her twitter
    the brazzers scene is out 1st week of may
  8. DrCompNut

    DrCompNut Well-Known Member

    she also did a scene with twisties 3 days after the one with brazzers
    I don't know how long they take with their scenes
    with keiren lee
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  9. blazex4

    blazex4 New Member

  10. DrCompNut

    DrCompNut Well-Known Member

    end of may for Karlie Montana's Twisties shoot
    apparently with Johnny Sins not Keiren
  11. Hamsterslapper

    Hamsterslapper erogenous nipples

    I don't care how hot a video looks, I won't download it if it's needlessly broken into more than one file.
  12. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo New Member

  13. Lapans

    Lapans Well-Known Member

    I don't know if people have seen the clips for sexart but Malena Morgan is featured there in a series called Kamikaze Love. I guess this can be called her first B/G but it is hard to tell if there is actual penetration. The series is shot in the way of a skinemax movie and it is heavily edited. But either way Malena looks ridiculously hot even in clothes! So far three episodes has been released and they all are pretty short. About 6-10 Minutes at most per episode. I don't know if people would be interested in watching this. If so I or anyone else could upload it.

    Screens from the first episode.

    Second episode.

    Third Episode.
    6 people like this.
  14. Hoyas826

    Hoyas826 New Member

    Hell Yaah !!!!!!! Bring it on
  15. JigglyOrgan

    JigglyOrgan Well-Known Member

    Anything with Malena Morgan should always be posted! :p
  16. Hamsterslapper

    Hamsterslapper erogenous nipples

    Something I've often wondered: What is it with thread titles such as "Horny bitch fucked hard" or "Bitch takes it in all holes"? I realize of course that this is a porn forum, and words like cunt, cock, tits, twat, jizz, asshole, etc are the norm. I'm not above using such words myself, and they're handy when talking about videos guys jack off to. But why the derogatory talk toward women? Just because a girl gets fucked and jizzed on for a living doesn't make her a bitch.

    I've seen some pretty skanky-looking women in the low-end porn films, and have even referred to them as such. I'm not referring to them when I ask about the use of the word "bitch." It seems some posters have just totally objectified the women and throw that word about a lot.

    Just curious.
    1 person likes this.
  17. mokkoriman

    mokkoriman Cunninglinguist ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    You're misinterpreting the intent of the titles of the many daily low quality uploads here at Phun, Ham. :|

    Most of the titles that are posted as you suggested are because the uploaders downloaded the videos from tube sites (i.e. xhamster, pornhub, etc.,) and reupload them here, complete with the titles. Most of the the tube videos are titled in such a way because (A) they're deliberately labeled with vague titles to avoid them getting deleted and/or (B) they have no idea the origin of the videos they're uploading.

    Now, one may wonder, "if they're going to have vague titles, why with such crude descriptions for the titles?" Probably because that's what the majority of porn viewers want their porn that way: over-the-top, super enhanced big boobs, gagging on huge cocks, screaming anal scenes with demeaning trash talk and action that borders on violent intentions. Shock value goes a long way, ya know. ;)
    1 person likes this.
  18. ronin84

    ronin84 Well-Known Member

    What I'm wondering is why has there been such an influx of spammy threads in this forum. It's devolved into the same poster posting 20 low quality threads to the front page in a manner of minutes. Can't we mod that shit out or ban them for spamming the forum?
    4 people like this.
  19. mokkoriman

    mokkoriman Cunninglinguist ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    15 actually per user... though most of them have a couple of accounts. :roll:

    The main reason is because these posters are still hoping and praying that they'll still get some "reward payouts" from Hotfile, the only approved filehost on Phun that still "offers" virtual cash rewards IF user's purchase a Hotfile account from downloading their links. Because their uploads are low to average quality and that their thread titles and files names are random titles/words, there's little fear that Hotfile will delete their files. One would think that would also be a deterrent from checking out their threads and downloading their random low quality content. Kinda sad, really - given the filehosting fiasco, the days of reaping virtual rewards from open filehosts like Hotfile are pretty much gone... at least until the whole Megaupload situation finalizes for better or worse.

    Banning users would only have them open more accounts... and for that matter, they're not doing anything that's breaking the Phun rules. Management could ban Hotfile from the approved filehosts, but don't know if they're going to do that.
  20. Hamsterslapper

    Hamsterslapper erogenous nipples

    I honestly hadn't thought of that. Though I should have, because it seems no matter what major forum you go to, you'll see the exact same crap posted. I knew the ca$h whores were using forums to make money, and guessed it must pay well enough for them to spend so much time every day going from forum to forum, but I had supposed the titles were just due to 1.) lack of imagination, and 2.) certain misogynistic tendencies characteristic of porn addicts.

    Not that I don't love me some porn, mind you. I'm not trying to take any moral high ground on fappin' material. Just sayin' that, as you noted, certain genres have devolved that seem to focus on degradation.

    I miss the day when this forum was exactly the way you try to maintain your posts. Namely, the "Hey guys, here's some stuff I found that is guaranteed to make you hard" type of sharing. Now it's just a flood of effluent with the occasional worthwhile download.

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