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Olivia Munn personal photos & alleged nude pic - x5 mixed q, adds

Discussion in 'Celebrity Photos' started by JoshuaCalvert, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    She was very close with Eva Amurri & Emmy Rossum. Could be one of them...or Kevin Pereira :p
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  2. Bomba69

    Bomba69 Well-Known Member

    They're no longer together because girls like are usually very hard to handle. Judging by those pics she looks really needy and emotionally unstable. Either that or he's a prick.
  3. Richard Assman

    Richard Assman 10 inch

    The shots of her in that black zip outfit are the best.

    Is there an actual photo shoot with her in that outfit?
  4. startbreakinbrickswetnips

    startbreakinbrickswetnips Well-Known Member

    Probably a bit of both really. You bang chicks that hot and you can't help but develop an ego and chicks that hot are typically super needy.
  5. systmofadown

    systmofadown Well-Known Member

    I don't want this thread to die, by that I mean I hope there are more pics out there, i wish there was one w/ her face...
  6. maynard

    maynard Well-Known Member

    It's her friend, I believe her name is Kira or some shit. A childhood friend.
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  7. ChillyWilly

    ChillyWilly Well-Known Member

    I see now her lawyers are having sites take down both the leaked photos and the CSI ones. Must have realized there is too much evidence to continue denying it is not her.
  8. beruud

    beruud Twatwaffle

    I have yet to be contacted. I have only had lawyers from arianny email me a request to take down her photos...
  9. TuffTurd

    TuffTurd Well-Known Member

  10. Mr. Mister

    Mr. Mister ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    From her twitter :D
    Happy u liked my letter & personal photo...photoshop and all. "@DoubleSixx @OliviaMunn your SXSW letter and picture.

  11. Denial is actually a pretty smart move, despite all the evidence that it is in fact her in the photos. It seems silly to deny such an obvious fact, but there are plenty of people who actually believe the nudes are not her.

    And remember the Miley Cyrus nude photo? Prevailing opinion is that it is not her, even though it clearly is her.
  12. RAMistheMAN

    RAMistheMAN ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Which one?
  13. The one from the hotel about a year ago. There were even all of these same CSI-style proofs to demonstrate it was in fact the same hotel she stayed at, the same bracelets, and even the same flannel shirt she was seen wearing outside of the same hotel. Yet consensus among internet idiots was that it was not her. Then someone--most likely her own PR team--leaked the story that it was some British girl posing as her, and everyone decided to believe that. This, despite how ridiculous the idea is that a British girl would travel to Spain and book a five-star hotel simply to snap a nude of herself and leak it onto the internet as if it were of Miley.

    And remember that the image was leaked along with several other, verifiable images of Miley. This is almost exactly like the Miley case, with the exception that more people seem willing to believe the nudes are actually her. I'm sure it helps that there are pictures of a clothed Olivia in the very same bathroom, but there are pictures of Miley wearing the same bracelets and shirt outside of the hotel the picture was taken in, so really it really isn't much different.
  14. ronin84

    ronin84 Well-Known Member

    Kinda sad how this stuff is just going on and on and on. Really, who gives a shit?
  15. superset

    superset Well-Known Member

  16. It wasn't proven at all. One website said that it was some British girl, but there was no evidence to support the claim. Meanwhile, all the actual evidence said it was Miley.

    Open your eyes.
  17. flea999

    flea999 Well-Known Member

    What, Miley's handlers held auditions to find a girl with the exact same body, hair, tan line and nipples as the girl in the photo?

    oh, and one thing that always bugged me about the "proof" is that the plaid shirts aren't the same.

    "In the latest developments, the Web site that initially posted the photo has since acknowledged that the woman is not Cyrus. Rather it is a 19-year-old British woman who looks remarkably like her and has impersonated Cyrus in the past."
  18. User897's Friend

    User897's Friend New Member

    This thread = EPIC.

    Still, there is so much that needs to be seen before I die....
  19. gallatin

    gallatin Well-Known Member

    i told a friend that i overheard a talking tampon with a miley cyrus fixation tell someone to open their eyes. you should have seen his face!
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  20. antisocialite

    antisocialite Above Average

    What does Miley Cirus have to do with Olivia Yumm?
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