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Patricia (Hegre-Art) "French Secretary"

Discussion in 'Model Forum' started by woody solaris, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. woody solaris

    woody solaris In heaven Ten Years of Phun

  2. freakjsl

    freakjsl Active Member

    The Aeron is the best chair ever! And she is hot too.
  3. herbster420

    herbster420 New Member

  4. Perfect4ths

    Perfect4ths ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    What do you do? Work for Staples.

    Damn! That's it? Your from PA, I know you have more to say than that.

    Nice looking girl Woody. It's a shame she's such a tease, I would have liked to see a little more. Thanks!!
  5. herbster420

    herbster420 New Member

    Damn she's hot! is that better?
  6. That's a very expensive chair. HAHA, the woman looks very expensive as well!
  7. pigger

    pigger Tweedy's new boytoy

    so French secretaries dont even bother to put on clothes when they go to work huh?
  8. dragonz

    dragonz Well-Known Member

    Can she type or take shorthand?
  9. Richmondtigersrule

    Richmondtigersrule Well-Known Member

    Merci bien mon ami. She is tres hottie!
  10. MV84

    MV84 Getting By Unnoticed

    Good looking girl, thanks Woody.
  11. jsmith_1

    jsmith_1 Well-Known Member

    Best kind! The chair, and the secretary; anyone who sits at a desk all day can probably attest to the awesomeness of those chairs. As to the girl, well...
  12. gotham84

    gotham84 ..this is the place to be Ten Years of Phun

    Viva la france!!

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