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Planet Katie - First Full Nude Set

Discussion in 'Model Forum' started by JayHoo, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. JayHoo

    JayHoo Etpäs ymmärrä

  2. Dr. RX

    Dr. RX Well-Known Member

    mmm...i love shower pics, somehow i think all models should have at least a set or two of them showering or playing in the shower :)
  3. breaker

    breaker 10 inch

  4. sospopo

    sospopo Well-Known Member

    too bad the water is in the way, nonetheless appreciated though, one of the hottest women around in my opinion.
  5. st!ff

    st!ff New Member

    got the full (around 682 pics) set, anyone intersted in?
  6. Ramsfan

    Ramsfan We've gone plaid! Ten Years of Phun

  7. charlybrown_0702

    charlybrown_0702 New Member

    yep, i'm very interested ... :p

    please post it!!!!
  8. leonard71

    leonard71 Above Average

    Sorry Mr. One Post who doesn't read the rules. He can't.
  9. TKA1

    TKA1 has erectile dysphunction

    lol you guys are hilarious.

    thanks for the pics jayhoo.

    she might as well be wearing panties though like usual. if she had actual pics of her vag, that would be a different story. way over-hyped
  10. Captain Caveman

    Captain Caveman Coochieness

    nice wet titties! :)
  11. tim254

    tim254 New Member

  12. heuver

    heuver Well-Known Member

    So hot!
    Me and the gf agreed, we'd have a threesome with her.
  13. Zeppelin4ever

    Zeppelin4ever New Member

    you are a god
  14. pogi26

    pogi26 10 inch

    YES, Thank You Lord !
  15. crack_pipe112

    crack_pipe112 Above Average Ten Years of Phun

    very nice indeed got a zip to the set?
  16. gobucs97

    gobucs97 Banned

    She has it going on bigtime!
  17. Now, the other Planet girls (except for Mandy and Eva) need to follow suit.

    If I am wrong about the others (Corrina, Summer, Renee, etc.), please do the decent thing and start a thread with the fully nude pictures and PM me. It is the Christian thing to do. Which is informing people about porn.
  18. Malcono

    Malcono New Member

    Wow very nice.
  19. overexplainer

    overexplainer Member

    i'm in love...
  20. TOFNLOWS10

    TOFNLOWS10 Active Member

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