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Poppy Montgomery from "Without a Trace" Fully Nude

Discussion in 'Celebrity Photos' started by DirtyItaly, May 30, 2006.

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  1. DirtyItaly

    DirtyItaly The Don of Amateurs

    She plays Samantha Spade on one of my favorite tv shows, "Without a Trace." I thought this was an awesome find. And yeah the last photo proves that she is a natural blonde if you catch my drift.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. juicehead666

    juicehead666 10 inch

    great find dirty!
  3. floppyredshoes

    floppyredshoes Well-Known Member

    nice, very nice
  4. Skorpius

    Skorpius New Member

    Great post, dirtyitaly! I've been trying to track the original Black & White magazine that this was featured in but I don't need to no more.
  5. Toffini

    Toffini Active Member

    Great post!

    This woman just so damn sexy!
  6. Vadge

    Vadge Well-Known Member

    Awesome find. Well done!
  7. DirtyItaly

    DirtyItaly The Don of Amateurs

    Thanks guys.
  8. SirCumAlot

    SirCumAlot In heaven

    When did she pose for these pictures? Who was it for?
  9. paulspursman

    paulspursman Above Average

    very good find. this girl is so sexy. i love without a trace especially when poppy is around
  10. Hatori Hanzo

    Hatori Hanzo New Member

    hot man, much thanks
  11. Reds

    Reds Well-Known Member

    Black and White shoot . 2004 . By Bradley Patrick.
    "Black and White" Magazine September 2004

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And my fave [​IMG]
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  12. DirtyItaly

    DirtyItaly The Don of Amateurs

    Thanks for the extras paisan.
    Loser likes this.
  13. FuckingYourMILF

    FuckingYourMILF Active Member

    Kewl!!! Thanks for these!!!
    Loser likes this.
  14. DirtyItaly

    DirtyItaly The Don of Amateurs

    Loser likes this.
  15. paulspursman

    paulspursman Above Average


    this one is so sexy. amazing pic
    Loser likes this.
  16. golfer72

    golfer72 New Member

    Great Pics!
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  17. how the hell did i miss this post???

    great find and share dirty! (and great add-ons too) ...now if we could just get Lola Glaudini from Criminal Minds to go nude, i could die a happy(and horny) man.
    Loser likes this.
  18. DirtyItaly

    DirtyItaly The Don of Amateurs

    Glad you like it paisan.
    Loser likes this.
  19. pit

    pit Ten Years of Phun

    Power Post !
    Loser likes this.
  20. northernassasin

    northernassasin New Member

    One of the best posts in a while in my opinion. I love this chick. I started watching the show just because of her, luckily it ended up being a pretty good show.
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