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RULES Prohibited Content

Discussion in 'The Phun House Rules & Information' started by S-type, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. S-type

    S-type Archangel Staff Member Most Helpful Phunner Most Respected Phunner ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Prohibited Content

    We're pretty broad-minded about what we allow to be posted on phun.org, but we draw the line at the following :-

    1 Still or moving images of anyone under the age of 18 are not permitted, unless they are subordinate or background figures in multi-party or group scenes, and are appropriately and modestly dressed, if not fully clothed, and are not the focus of any attention. Moderator discretion applies. If you have any doubts or questions concerning under-18's in images you would like to post, feel free to consult a member of Staff first.

    2 Depiction of Incest or Rape, even though faked, will NOT be permitted in our forums! See also Item 4 below.

    3 Depictions of Bestiality or "Scat" are disturbing and nauseating respectively, and are NOT what phun.org is about! Neither is welcome here!

    4 While some sexual activity might be described as robust, we prohibit depiction of the inflicting of pain or of actual bodily harm, and/or the coercive use of force!

    5 Whether genuine or staged, we prohibit depiction of invasion of privacy anywhere, but typically presented as spycam or mobile images in toilets, washrooms, dressing/changing rooms, etc..​

    The above are not open to debate, and may be added to from time to time.

    On any issues arising, the decision of the administration is final.
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