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Scarlett Johansson - Two NUDE Photos Leaked! x2HQ

Discussion in 'Celebrity Photos' started by RAMistheMAN, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. RAMistheMAN

    RAMistheMAN ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. fackberg

    fackberg Well-Known Member

    If these are genuine... oh my god!!!!
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  3. Holy shit! That does look like her
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  4. Scrubking

    Scrubking Well-Known Member

    Excellent. Now let's wait and see how her people react to see if they're real or not.
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  5. One Terd

    One Terd Well-Known Member

    PLEASE tell me they are real! I have been waiting FOREVER for something like this XD
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  6. TRLAuthor

    TRLAuthor Well-Known Member

    Anyone want to take bets on how many pages were going to get of posts arguing over if these are real or not?
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  7. 2001pm

    2001pm 2+2 is on my mind...

    Holy shit! :shock:
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  8. Klawz

    Klawz Well-Known Member

    CSI Phun has been called and they're on the way to start their in depth investigation.
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  9. Peter_pants

    Peter_pants Well-Known Member

    I am a believer as there was a censored pic a while back where her butt was covered by ink from a magic marker (or perhaps digital ink). That's how I would imagine her huge tits would look. Hope there are 4,000 more pictures provided they were taken before she decided to lose 98 lbs for no apparent reason...GOD I MISS THE OLD SCARLETT!!!
    2 people like this.
  10. Richard Assman

    Richard Assman 10 inch

    HOT Damn.
    1 person likes this.
  11. Recchi82588

    Recchi82588 Well-Known Member

    Finally. It's about time.

    I must say, I thought her boobs would be bigger. Maybe more will pop up like they did with Blake.
    3 people like this.
  12. IronSlash

    IronSlash Still alive...

    Judging the face, there's just no way it can't be her. So I do say it's her. Couldn't tell from Blake but I've been looking at ScarJo for years... so I say yes. ;)
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  13. foeplay

    foeplay ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dance:
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  14. TBIB

    TBIB Well-Known Member

    looks real, if not, then its a good fake
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  15. TheSwedishSeoul

    TheSwedishSeoul Well-Known Member

    The second one is obviously a fake. In the reflection she's holding her cell phone UP and looking UP. But her face is looking DOWN.

    So if the second one is a fake. The chances are so is the first one.
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  16. Prince Kropotkin

    Prince Kropotkin Well-Known Member

    Show us yer pussy.
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  17. voodoojoe

    voodoojoe Well-Known Member

    If you look at the arm holding the cell phone in the mirror in the second pic, it's her tattoo. If it's a fake, it's a nice touch.
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  18. Prince Kropotkin

    Prince Kropotkin Well-Known Member

    I hope there are many more.
  19. Five-seveN

    Five-seveN Active Member

    Holy Shit.
    I would of never thought the day would come. Ever.


    If there are more I will die a happy man.
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  20. TheSwedishSeoul

    TheSwedishSeoul Well-Known Member

    Somebody get out their forensic kit. LOL. I'm still saying they're fake, but I wish they were real.
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