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INFO Self Conduct... self control...self governance

Discussion in 'The Phun House Rules & Information' started by Classyvixenart, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Classyvixenart

    Classyvixenart Punkdubious

    Self Conduct... self control...self governance

    While I believe in "Freedom of Speech" at every level, and I am in no way a feminist (having been known to call a "broad a broad" while ranting about the board... commingling with everyone here on Phun - male and/or female). I keep the chiding to that thread or discussion/rant and avoid using references that might be considered disparaging, hurtful and or deemed slanderous/libel in any sense.

    This isn't your bathroom. I realize many of us might treat our bathrooms with more respect than we do our women. That's a damn shame -- but like your bathroom....keep your shit to yourself.

    If some fine celebrity's....house maid (that's the girl cleaning the piss off the rim - for you blokes without hired help) offered to make you a sammich.... I know damn well you would forgo the slanderous irrefutable defamation of character remarks -- step off your "holier than thou" throne and kindly reply with proper courtesy (you might even get goose bumps just knowing that whatshername's maid talked to you)...and irrespective of their publicly known character flaws or celebrated easiness ... that starlet is still probably 10 times hotter, more fun, and might even be friendlier than anyone on your block.

    Besides - this is a forum for enjoying the beauty of the female form in all its glory, this PARTICULAR forum area (this was originally posted in the Celebrity Photos Forum) is here because the members LiKE to share celebrity pics and whatnot. key word is LIKE -- if, perhaps you do not fall into this category then STEP-ON or stick to posting with relevance towards the thread and OP.

    The rules of each forum and sub are there for reference. As a rule of thumb - you already KNOW - the Admins and Mod Staff - give a lot of time and attention to addressing concerns that arise - their main objective is keeping this place free of trash. There is a code of conduct for every situation in life - spoken and unspoken. If you come here often - then its expected that you at least give this place that much courtesy and show it by silently acknowledging the ambiance and keeping with the momentum. I am not looking for you to agree nor disagree with my dissertation -- you cannot influence me -- nor can you justify uncouth behavior.

    This is NOT your Phun...it IS OUR PHUN! and I am honored by the conscientious nature, tactful demeanor and poise exuded by all of the Admin and Mod staff and by our Loyal members and especially Cayne Le God de Phun.

    And remember kids...belligerence can be expressed with class.
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