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Shy Girl gets tricked into getting nude for Audition

Discussion in 'Sexy Videos (Pro)' started by bluelight23, May 7, 2008.

  1. bluelight23

    bluelight23 Well-Known Member

    This audition video is amazing, the guy who auditions her tells her that she is very good, which makes her happy and then tricks her into taking off her clothes if she really wants to get the part. At first she is very shy but she really wants to get the part. :D :p :D If anybody has more videos like this can they please post them, as i really like these type of videos.


    19.5mb : 3m:47s

  2. Loser

    Loser Finally Ten Years of Phun

    She's cute. Thanks....
    bluelight23 likes this.
  3. bluelight23

    bluelight23 Well-Known Member

    You're welcome

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