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***** SPRING's best of AMATEUR *****

Discussion in 'Sexy Videos (Pro)' started by djspring, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. djspring

    djspring Well-Known Member

    An introduction to this thread:

    This is a no frills, no nonsense, no bs collection of my favorite amateur videos. I've seen a lot of other people falsely title their posts citing things "HOTTEST BABE EVER" only to have people clicking on an old hag with sagging tits. You will not find that here. Whatever I post here, I believe to be of quality in one or more of these respects: the video is hot because it is or appears to be authentic, great looking babe, and/or the sex itself is hot even if the girl isn't. Well, whatever you guys think of my videos, just know that I wouldn't post it, unless it is worth d/ling. I've decided to post Amateur videos because simply I just find them to be better than most high-production movie put out by Vivid or any other companies. There is something so real and relateable about amateur videos that you just can't reproduce in movies. Without further ado, lets start with my #1 favorite video of all.

    Any of my downloads that do require a password, it will always be: spring

    Btw, guys, feel free to press thanks or reply back to the thread. Let me know what you guys think of the videos for better or worse. I won't put a gun to your head and make you thank me, but, it's definitely nice to know that my work is not going unnoticed.
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  2. djspring

    djspring Well-Known Member

  3. djspring

    djspring Well-Known Member

    Here's part II, where she gets railed beyond belief. Again there is a pop shot and she does swallow, although most of it is left spraying on the pillow behind her. She is just so sexy it's unbelievable. My favorite line from her "Baby? When are we gonna fuck?" Enjoy!


  4. djspring

    djspring Well-Known Member

    After being nagged by her b/f she finally caves (which didn't take much effort) and gives him some great sex. Nice natural lighting so nothing gets left to the imagination. This girl has a nice clean complexion and a great set of tits. Not too big or small. Just right. What I like most about it is there seems to be a real chemistry between them. :)



    Use Hjsplit to join them together:
  5. djspring

    djspring Well-Known Member

    This German chick is amazing.. Despite what the caps show, there is a lot of cockriding. She does some reverse cowgirl, as well, as a lot of traditional on-top action. What I like about this one is the emotion she puts into it. She seems to be genuinely enjoying it. Just look at her face for christ's sake. It ends in a climatic creampie.


  6. djspring

    djspring Well-Known Member

  7. djlegolas

    djlegolas Well-Known Member

    good job man ;)
  8. zotzman

    zotzman Well-Known Member

    Gotta love nipple rings!!
  9. djspring

    djspring Well-Known Member

    I don't think she's an amateur, but, this video is too hot to not be uploaded. Apparently her name is Taylor Gianni and she's got a rocking tan, great tits, and a cute smile. Another one who rides with enthusiasm. The lucky guy dumps his children in her. :p



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  10. FeelMyTube.com

    FeelMyTube.com Well-Known Member

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  11. djspring

    djspring Well-Known Member

    Ok, this one's different. There's a certain artsy feel to it, unlike your typical amateur videos which can sometimes be very sloppy in recording.

    What I like: It's filmed in black and white and it's clear that they didn't use any old webcam to record this. The picture quality looks like it was recorded with a decent camcorder. What's interesting about this one is you really only get to see mostly her back, but, my god what a fantastic view that is. Her boobs are fantastic and her face is cute. The best part in my opinion is towards the end, when she expertly works her man's cock until he finally blows. In that instance, you finally get color. As if they're trying to convey the message that cumming is so amazing that everything becomes brighter when you do. A unique and worthy video.



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  12. djspring

    djspring Well-Known Member

    Another girl going down on her man. But, what I like about this one is how just dives under his nut sack and sucks on his balls. Plus she's got a great raspy voice. Again, it's that realness about amateur videos that I love and this is no exception. It's obvious she likes to please her man.



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  13. UltraPimp

    UltraPimp Well-Known Member

    Nice thx for sharing!
  14. djspring

    djspring Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies, guys! There will be plenty more. I'll post up maybe one or two more videos tonight. Again, feel free to thank/reply to the threads and let me know what you think of the vids.
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  15. pf420247

    pf420247 New Member

    Very nice....I will check this thread often
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  16. djspring

    djspring Well-Known Member

    This video has a lol factor. Everything is going smooth in most of the video until the end when he finally cums, only to find that his dick no longer has a condom wrapped around it. He finds the condom lodged inside her vagina, he pulls it out, and proceeds to slap her butt with it all the while, they're both laughing.

    What I like: That they do not take themselves so seriously. At the point when he loses his condom inside her, this could've easily taken a dramatic turn. But, instead they laugh and joke about it. The girl's got a great bubbly personality despite the fact that she seems to giggle at the wrong times (a girl ever laugh when you told them you just came?)



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  17. djspring

    djspring Well-Known Member

    I took this article from Hollywoodcelebgossips.com:

    Allyssa Kwan Yin Yi, was born in the central Malaysia’s Perak State capital Ipoh, the place where Hollywood actress Michelle Yeoh comes from. In her Livejournal profile, however, Allysa Kwan stated she was from Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of this Southeast Asia muslim country.

    Alyssa Yin Yi is 22 years old and her 23rd birthday arrives at October 30th, 2008. Allyssa has a red and black scorpio tatoo on her right side of abodomin, referring to which she says she is a “Typical Scorpio Young Lady. Red, White, Pink Addict.”

    Allyssa Yin was enrolled to one of Malaysia’s most famous private college LimKokWing University a few years ago, where she had a friend named Jane Lo Li. Previously, Allyssa and Jane might only be famous to the Malaysian Foosball Community. But now they probably are soon catapulted into the international fame, because their naked photos and sex videos with Pakistani wealthy guy Adil Sayeed had been wildly spread on the internet. Check out SFW photos here.

    According to the online info available, Allyssa Yin and Adil Sayeed, whose father owns the Sayfol International School in Kuala Lumpur, made their homemade videos and photos around in 2006. It seemed that their ameuter porn photos were leaked recently from Adil Sayeed’s Facebook account.

    What I like about it: The girl is obviously delicious to look at and also that this is a rare combination between these two ethnicities. An asian and a pakistani? Not your typical interracial relationship. The video includes her dildoing herself and also giving him head. He does not last long I will tell you that much. Superb chick.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The password is "spring", obviously without the quotes. It will always be spring for any files that require it.

  18. cz3ch

    cz3ch Member

    hell yes!

    This thread rocks!
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  19. Rooney10

    Rooney10 Above Average

    Keep up the good work! Love these kinds of vids!

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  20. djspring

    djspring Well-Known Member

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