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The Celebrity X-Ray Thread

Discussion in 'Creative Backyard' started by ericjlars, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. ericjlars

    ericjlars Well-Known Member

    there are no fakes, no "drawing" tricks. only image processing.
    If you would like to give it a shot on your own, do so! and post it..
    Here are some instructions:

    Step 1 - selecting your photo

    - You will need a decent photo. Sheer is not the only characteristic the photo must posses, but it is an important one. Black sheer, in my experience, will not work, at least not nearly as good.
    - The material itself doesn't matter as you can see from the examples below, as long as it's sheer and a light colored material, you should be fine.

    Step 2 - selecting the area to "X-Ray"

    - Try to only select the area in wich you are editing, don't do the entire image or it will look terrible. For this you will need to use the "Magnetic Lasso" tool and outline the specified area.
    - Once the area has been selected, right click within the outlined area and choose "Layer Via Copy." This will make a new layer from the selected portion.

    Step 3 - Obtaining "X-Ray" look

    - Next, go to "Image" --> "Adjustments" --> "Levels." From there you can play with the slide bar to achieve the best effect.
    - From here you can start to get artistic, play with other levels like, colour, contrast, brightness, and most importantly the "Dodge" and "Burn" tools to perfect it.

    That's pretty much it. As i said, some photo's will work better than others. It has a lot to do the the lighting within the photo itself as well.

  2. Harpua

    Harpua Active Member

    That rocks! i love Xrays
  3. keithman45

    keithman45 Well-Known Member

    That j'lo one is amazing, nice work !!!
    wgian, rasetyaka, banned007 and 4 others like this.
  4. (+)neuron

    (+)neuron New Member

    haha! i'm gonna go with redrash and ecw on this one eric, reposting people's shit as your own just to promote your shitty image hoster is pretty low man.
  5. FaTaL

    FaTaL Above Average

    all we need is jessica simpson
  6. irishwhip

    irishwhip Well-Known Member

    a couple i tried to do. i'm sure one of you guys could do better.

    SEXY2000 and jake2go like this.
  7. MaxGem

    MaxGem Above Average

    good stuff guys...gonna try now
    SEXY2000 and jake2go like this.
  8. Court Jester

    Court Jester New Member

    why are only the breast area x-ray'd? It would be really cool if its done to the lower area.... or does it always have to be skin hugging for this to work?
    SEXY2000, bobot90 and jake2go like this.
  9. TKA1

    TKA1 has erectile dysphunction

    some of these are absolutely incredible! thank you very much EvilCW and others
    SEXY2000 and jake2go like this.
  10. Court Jester

    Court Jester New Member

    can this process be tried on celebs in bikini's? NOW THAT WOULD BE AWSOME!!!!
    SEXY2000 and jake2go like this.
  11. hey, i appreciate the PM's guys... but i haven't done these "X-Rays" in some time, plus, as you can see by the one's i've done, i can only intensify slightly sheer or transparent clothing(like a thin white tee).

    but that's just me, maybe somebody else can get the effect through solid clothing.
    SEXY2000 and jake2go like this.
  12. Aronold

    Aronold Well-Known Member

    spar24, SEXY2000 and jake2go like this.
  13. Vados

    Vados Well-Known Member

    wow, that's cool, wish i got photoshop.
  14. esge

    esge New Member

  15. ImLazY

    ImLazY Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much guys, ive always wanted x-ray glasses, now with this thread, it is possible
    Lizard15 likes this.
  16. rajkumarnet

    rajkumarnet New Member

    superb find
    Lizard15 likes this.
  17. machtigeil

    machtigeil Active Member

    Wow -- this is not easy. I tired on a few shots and the results were entirely unsatisfying. I think the trick is to get a picture where your subject is practically nude anyway. . .
  18. pit

    pit Ten Years of Phun

    Rock n Roll People...

    Very good !!!
  19. celticdunker

    celticdunker New Member

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