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The Secret Friends discussion thread--NO SPAM--

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TheDoctor2010, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. kenned

    kenned Active Member

    Shennon is at mfc under the name AmberHeart69_

  2. kenned

    kenned Active Member

    Alenuchik is back. This time using Karamelka's account.

  3. cocoanutts

    cocoanutts Well-Known Member

    The e knights remove anything shared here, especially if it is from the sibiu studio.there are better places.
    Concerning secretfriends-phun is done
  4. magnara

    magnara Well-Known Member


    Elvisa is Elvissa
    Odrie is OdreyTabu
    Nelvia is Delvia, aka SuperDana
  5. calguy

    calguy Well-Known Member

    Thanks and
    Odrie is OdreyTabu with a b not t
    1 person likes this.
  6. Juicearse

    Juicearse New Member

    Does anyone know what other cam site Alice from SF works at?
  7. knothead

    knothead New Member

    Aalina_ also on mfc and Jasmin as Alines
    1 person likes this.
  8. Monochromer

    Monochromer New Member

    I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place for this, but I am an MFC and SF user from a few years back and I'm seeking some videos of a model I used to be rather fond of who has since stopped broadcasting. Her name on MFC was Blyss, but she was also in a few other places under the aliases of Juilette (yes, spelled wrong on purpose) and Melanie Blyss.

    If anyone has any of her old videos and would be willing to share for an old fan, it'd be much appreciated! If this is the wrong area, please advise.
  9. kenned

    kenned Active Member


    Here are some old photos I found.
  10. kenned

    kenned Active Member

  11. kenned

    kenned Active Member

  12. kenned

    kenned Active Member

  13. kenned

    kenned Active Member

  14. kenned

    kenned Active Member

  15. Mustnc15

    Mustnc15 New Member

    Fresh denissa

  16. magnara

    magnara Well-Known Member

    Iris3 is also camming on mfc as CuteVamp1. I discovered her on page 16 - her cam score is 167. Competition is a lot tougher when you are competing for tokens against so many more models!

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