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Uhhh, Ohh, Dont cum in me! Oops, im not on the PILL! (RS)

Discussion in 'Sexy Videos (Pro)' started by ilikewebcamgirlys, May 6, 2006.

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  1. Girl: Uhhh ohhh yea baby..
    Guy: Mmm want me to cum in you?
    Girl: No, just come on my stomach and tits:
    Guy: Ok, uhh oh yea baby, fuck ya...(cum)
    Girl: What the heck did u just do? Did you cum in me?
    Guy: I couldn't pull out in time.
    Girl: Im not on the pill!
    Guy: Your not?
    Girl: No

    Then she starts to squeeze it out and get it out with her finger.


    Filehost: RS
    Filesize: 25.5mb
    Runtime: 4m36s
    Filetype: MPG
    Link to download:
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  2. DirtyItaly

    DirtyItaly The Don of Amateurs

    There is some kinda strange fetish involved there....
  3. ThirtySomethin

    ThirtySomethin Above Average

    i hope thats actin cause I cant think of a porn trick stupid enough not to be on the pill if shes doing vaginal penetration.
  4. ARaGorN

    ARaGorN Member

    she look like amanda bynes
  5. Shoeman007

    Shoeman007 Member

    She's cute and the screens look good. It looks like its worth a look.
  6. I dnt think id be advertising bootleg films on my signature either unless u want the FEDS knocking on your door....
  7. thanks for looking out.
  8. mikesinner

    mikesinner Almost there

    Dude I don't see even the slightest similarity
  9. Guilian

    Guilian Active Member

    you make it sound like a real blooper but from the caps she doesnt look that fussed about it.

    thanks anyway
  10. ronin84

    ronin84 Well-Known Member

    ya this stuff is staged. that's madison monroe by the way.
  11. YesIAm

    YesIAm New Member

    It'd be so much cooler if this was real but too bad it's not. Damn all that flashing in the background.
  12. shinomori

    shinomori New Member

    Very good, I like
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