vBulletin Message

The board is currently turned off, as we're currently moving the whole forum to new software. It's going to look a bit different once it comes back - but you should get used to it quite quickly. We think the move should be completed in around 6-10 hours. (Tuesday Jan 24th 2017 - late night - (GMT-8))

Update: 1am (GTM -1) Jan 25th: The transfer was a success so far. All data has been transferred. We're currently in the process of re-building the cache, which is another huge task and is likely going to take a couple of more hours. We think we will be able to open the board on the 25th 2pm (GTM -1) - so a couple of hours later than expected.

Visit the frontpage: phun.org, while you wait.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.