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Thread: Celebrity Extra Forum Rules (Updated Dec 10, 2014)

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    Exclamation Celebrity Extra Forum Rules (Updated Dec 10, 2014)

    Celebrity Extra Forum Rules

    The Celebrity Extra Forum is dedicated to celebrity news, gossip, humor, inquiries and/or other stuff not necessarily related to what is currently being posted in the Celebrity Photos section. Primarily conceived as a chat forum, Celeb Extra is also meant to accommodate image threads that don't meet the criteria of the Celebrity Photos Forum rules.

    Do a SEARCH before posting to avoid reposts.

    1. Social Media & Other Content Posts

    a. Thread Titles: Celebrity Extra will now be the proper forum for posting images from "social media" sites, i.e., Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Be as informative and descriptive as possible in giving a title to your thread. Use the celebrities' full name, event and/or short description of pic, name of originating website, and date of image.

    ** Post only personal "twitpics" from the verified accounts of the celeb in question. Threads of this type that come through second and third party sources, and those that have tags from another site, will be trashed. **

    b. All other threads where the focus is on specific image or video content are to comply with rule a. above.

    c. Do Not Direct Link or hyperlink pics from another site or forum.

    d. Do Not use imagecodes from other people/sites. Download and Upload them on your own.

    e. Images and GIFs should be posted as clickable thumbnails; all thumbnails are to be comprised of still images only. All pics and thumbnails posted must be uploaded to one of our approved imagehosts!

    f. Hotlinking of single pics is an acceptable practice for images that are not expected to stand the test of time, because experience tells us they won't. If you wish to post image content that is meant to last indefinitely, especially in threads dedicated to image content, then we insist you post thumbnails.Please bear in mind that hotlinking is demanding on hosters' resources, and excessive use has seen off quite a few imagehosts in the past! Several of the approved imagehosts offer large scale thumbnails that provide an adequate substitute for direct hotlinking. Check the various sites for offered dimensions and file size restrictions. If you need help or a recommendation, feel free to consult with a member of the Staff.

    2. Banned Content

    a. No images (still or moving) of anyone under the age of 16, unless accompanied by adults (18+) and not the focus of attention. Please refer to THIS topic.

    b. UNDER-AGE nude or pornographic images will NOT be tolerated! The practice of posting naked pics of anyone thought to be under the age of 18 is strictly forbidden. The forum-wide rule on the age of all subjects in images is 16+, and it doesn't simply apply to celebrities. If Staff have any doubts about the age of any girls portrayed in a post we may delete the entire post even if it's just one pic that proves questionable. We don't have to prove they're underage, we just have to assume it.

    c. Do not post any images of rape, bestiality, or incest, even if only implied!

    ** Repeated violations of any of these rules could earn you a ban. **

    3. Personal Behaviour and Language

    It's impossible to give precise guidance about particular phrases or words that may be unacceptable in some places or in some contexts, but perhaps the following will provide a flavour of the different scenarios to be found here, and our corresponding expectations of behaviour and language.

    a. Children up to 15 years-old

    We allow images of children under sixteen in Celebrity Extra, not nude (not even partially), and not involved in any real or implied sexual activity; they must be accompanied by adults (18+) and cannot be the focus of attention. We absolutely forbid any salacious, suggestive or sexually explicit remarks about them.

    b. 16 & 17 years-old teenagers

    Images of 16-17 year-olds are permitted, not nude, and not involved in any real or implied sexual activity. Restraint is demanded with regard to language used by observers - children don't suddenly become "fair game" on their 16th birthday, at least not on! And since these images will not display any sexual content, real or implied, comments will be judged accordingly!

    Anybody making sexually explicit or suggestive remarks about children under the age of 16 will receive an instant ban! No warnings!

    c. Adults (18+ years-old)

    In appropriate sections on, images of 18+ year-olds are permitted with full nudity and involved in sexual activity, real and implied - i.e. pornography! In such cases and places comments of an adult nature are acceptable, although it must be borne in mind that the phun-wide embargo on under-age sex, bestiality, rape and incest, even if only fantasised or implied, applies to words as well as images!

    However, in Celebrity Extra, when images are presented of 18+ year-olds appearing in non-pornographic situations and activities such as public media events, fashion modeling, paparazzi-shot candids, selfies, etc., etc., observers are expected to display maturity and reflect the non-sexual nature of the circumstances in any comments they make!

    d. Moderation

    It should be clear from the above that Celebrity Extra is not the place to discover pornographic postings of any kind - look elsewhere if that's what you seek! Browsers' comments that do not reflect this non-pornographic nature will invite appropriate, possibly severe, Moderation, which may take account of not only words, but also any introduced images, including smilies, or any images present in avatars and signatures!

    4. General Rules

    a. All discussion and chat in this section will be subject to the Personal Conduct Guidelines. Mind your manners and keep your perverse comments to yourself. Most other members do not care to know about your weird proclivities!

    b. Discussion thread titles should have some sort of context describing what is to be found within. Don't be lazy, spell it out!

    c. Do a SEARCH before posting to avoid reposts.

    d. Do not create duplicate threads of image content already found in the Celebrity Photos forum.

    e. This section IS NOT a place for you to dump your collections of favorite celebrities. They will be summarily trashed.

    f. Because this section is not specifically meant for current events only, bumping or reviving older threads will not be met with derision.

    g. Any other threads with image content should follow the posting guidelines in Section 1.c, d and e. Hotlinked images are discouraged but not forbidden. However, clickable thumbnails tend to last a lot longer.

    h. Pictorials originating from a paysite (e.g. Playboy) are limited to a maximum of 20 pictures per thread. No Adds and no full sets allowed, unless the pictorial is less than 20 images in the first place.

    i. We have a new procedure for stickying threads. Please see THIS thread.

    j. English language only (except for foreign film/publication titles). Non-English alphabets, accents, diacritics, runes and hieroglyphs screw up the search system, and should not be used.

    k. Do not use ALL CAPS for titles, except for acronyms or abbreviations.

    ** Please also read the forum General Rules / FAQ.

    5. Tools

    a. Image Mass-Uploading
    IIIUploader for ImageVenue, ImageBam, ImageHaven, ShareNXS, etc.

    b. Image Mass-Downloading
    BulkImageDownloader -

    Mourao Image Grabber - MIG

    Breaking any of these rules may lead to thread deleting/trashing!
    Persistent violations will lead to a ban!

    Enjoy posting and have phun!


    The Staff
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    Default Forum Rules Updates

    Celebrity Extra Forum Rules Updates

    Changelog / Date

    1) Rule 3.c moved and included as a provision of Rule 1.a, source of social media pics added Oct 03, 2013

    2) Section 3. Personal Behaviour and Language added, Jan 8, 2014

    3) Section 4.h added regarding paysite images.

    4) Section 1 modified concerning thread titles Dec 12, 2014
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