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    Annabelle has been babysitting for years and got a call to babysit for Brianna and Rick. This is the first time that she has gotten a call from them. The rate they are offering is a little lower than what she normally gets so when she had a moment to discuss pay with Rick she explained that her rate is usually double what they are paying her. Rick quickly refused and suggest they see how tonight goes. She agrees and is happy to help them out tonight for the agreed rate.

    Late that night Brianna and Rick return from their night out to find Annabelle asleep on the couch. Brianna is exhausted, so Rick offers to settle up with the babysitter so she can go get ready for bed. Annabelle’s bare feet are sticking out the end of the blanket that she has partially covering her. Rick checks to make sure his wife has left the room and he sits at the end of the couch trying not to wake Annabelle. He can’t help himself, he starts rubbing her feet. Then he pulls out his dick and starts rubbing his cock against them.

    Annabelle feels a tickle on the bottom of her feet and wakes up to find Rick at the end of the couch with his cock out. She sits up quickly and asks him what he was doing. He tried to play it off like he was just sitting at the end of the couch trying to wake her up because it’s time to go. She knew exactly what he was doing and liked how his cock felt on her wrinkly soles. She takes her toes and works her way back into his pants. She asks were his wife is and he tells her that she has gone to bed. She takes advantage of this and starts stroking his cock hard with her feet. She strokes him faster and faster until he explodes all over her pretty little feet.

    As soon as she has his cum all over her feet, she sits up and screams. Brianna comes running into the room to find her husband with his cock in his hand and Annabelle with cum soaked feet. Brianna asks what happened and Annabelle says that all she knows is that she woke up and her feet were covered in cum. Brianna tells her that there is only one way to deal with sluts like her husband. She puts him in chastity and puts him on the floor to worship both her and Annabelle’s feet. Brianna tells her that whatever her husband agreed to pay her. He will be paying triple from now on.

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