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    Default [DF] Babyface Annabelle Footjob

    396MB 8:44 1280x720 WMV

    Annabelle had hired a moving company to help her move to her new apartment. They ended up only sending one guy which is making the project take far longer than she had anticipated. He had just run out a box of her shoes to the truck and he had been gone much longer than he should. She went out to investigate.

    When she got out to the truck she found him sniffing her shoes and jerking off in the back of the truck. She couldn't believe that she has wasted half her day because of this guy. She grabbed him by the dick and pulled him back into the house. She started making him to smell her feet and then started stroking his cock with her feet. The more she stroked the more excited he got.

    She threatened to tell his boss and he begged that she not tell him. She squeezed his cock between her toes and made him cum all over her feet. She told him that she will not be paying for the truck, boxes or the labor for this move or she’ll tell his boss. He going to lose his job anyway.

    Here is her other footjob. Her babyface soles are soft as silk...

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