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Thread: Reality Wife - Public Park Blow Job

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    Default Reality Wife - Public Park Blow Job

    This has to be one of my favorite videos to this date. Shooting it sent me through such a mix of emotions. One minute I was scared of being the caught, the next minute I'm horny as shit sucking on cock. This episode starts off with us walking up the one of the coolest parks I have ever been to. It was right on the beach which just made the scenery awesome. It was also a kick ass day, nice temperature, with a very nice breeze blowing. As I made my way up the concrete stairs to the top of the hill, there were benches for you to sit on and those big binocular/ telescope type things that you pay a quarter and you can see a real far distance. I was kind of disappointed I didn't have any change because it looked very cool, but I made things a little interesting by teasing Chris by flashing my ass right there out in the open. We walked a little more all the while trying to avoid the people who were there to enjoy the park, and I found a nice spot to flash my tits. With all the the people there this day I didn't think we would have a chance to get much more freaky, but to our luck there were these dungeon like rooms that were used in the old day for fighting cannon battles that we could sneak back into. We finally worked up the nerve to enter one and I hurried up and pulled his cock out and began sucking. It wasn't very long before some people came along and we had to move to another dungeon. After coming close to getting caught a couple times I finally got to really work on his cock and he had to muffle his moans as he shot his load in my mouth. XOXoXO, Kari

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    Another great video, thanks

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