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Thread: Taiwanese Model/Actress Kaila Yu Amateur Porn Video Sex Tape

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    Default Taiwanese Model/Actress Kaila Yu Amateur Porn Video Sex Tape

    Taiwanese Model/Actress Kaila Yu Amateur Porn Video Sex Tape

    The Chinese Hottie from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Kaila Yu did an amateur Casting Couch Teen porn video before becoming famous!

    Kaila Yu is a import tuner model in California, she is so popular in the tuner scene they put her in a Fast and the Furious movie. Nudity is nothing for this chick because she has made several appearances in Playboy magazine. And now we know that there is an amateur porn in her past with her taking a cum shot to the face.

    The Casting Couch is a series of porn that is distributed on the internet that use young fresh girls and not so much well known porn stars. These people at the Casting Couch end the careers of young starlets before they even get started. The folks of the Casting Couch got a young Kaila Yu to do a little porn a few years back, I think she was one of their first. In the video she is going by the name of Nina and she is suppose to be a 19 years old virgin. The video is entitled "Virgin, Learning New Trick". I do not know why girls who are trying to become actresses think they can make porn videos for quick cash and it will never catch up with them.

    Taiwanese Model/Actress Kaila Yu Porn Sex Tape

    File Size: 90 MB - Runtime: 27:00 minutes


    (please rename file and add .WMV extension)

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    Kaila Yu Amateur Casting Couch

    Credited as Nina: Virgin Learning New Tricks

    93 mb : 27:28 : 528x400 : avi

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