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Thread: [FS] Danielle FTV - Boudoir Shave

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    Default [FS] Danielle FTV - Boudoir Shave

    Boudoir Shave
    This is a pretty private thing for me (shaving my private parts) so you guys should definitely feel lucky that I decided to do a shaving video. I tried to mix a few different elements into this video like stockings (and pink one's at that!), shaving, hairiness, and the cupless corset. I actually got that corset from a local photographer here in Arizona. I think it looks quiet good on me. I probably could've used my razor to do a masturbation scene since it does vibrate...but personally I'm a little freaked out about cutting myself with one of the many razor blades on it.

    7:37 Mins
    339 Mb File


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