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Thread: [FS] Creampie Thais 147 Gail - 19 yo Thai girl with big tits

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    Default [FS] Creampie Thais 147 Gail - 19 yo Thai girl with big tits

    CreampieThais 147 Gail

    Name: Gail
    Age: 19
    Location: Pattaya
    BIG fucking Thai Titties is the title of this week's main event. Wowza! I cannot 
    express how much I am in love with 19 year old Gail. She is absolutely stunning!
    I'm so lucky too, because I was dire need of immediate medical attention. See, if
    you don't cum at least once a day, your cock may never work again. If you
    don't use it, you lose it! So just as I was about to throw in the cum rag, in
    walks Gail's ga-gas. She wrapped her sweet mouth around my cock and then titty
    fucked me with her jumbo juggs. After bouncing her bigguns up and down my
    cock I spun her around and drove my bit into her slit and exploded my sperm
    See her video from ThaiGirlsWild here

    243.29 MiB | 13m22s | wmv | 720x480
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    any more of her

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