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Thread: Sexy Video Forum Rules (All Inclusive) UPDATED September 16th 2011

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    Exclamation Sexy Video Forum Rules (All Inclusive) UPDATED September 16th 2011

    phun Sexy Video Forum RULES

    Please also read the General Rules / FAQ.

    1. Standard Definition Videos

    a. The main Sexy Videos Forum is for Standard Definition videos only
    b. Standard Definition videos are defined as any video LESS THAN 1280x720 (720p) in resolution
    c. High Definition videos (any clip GREATER THAN or EQUAL TO 1280x720 (720p) in resolution) should be posted in the HD Section (High Definition Videos) sub-forum
    d. The Standard Definition version of a video is considered a separate and distinct video clip versus the High Definition version of a video - so, they are NOT considered reposts.

    2. Thread Title

    a. Be descriptive with your thread titles:Thread Titles
    b. Do not replace any letters in thread titles with non-alphabetic characters such as numerals or symbols.
    c. Posts with vague / obfuscated / misleading thread titles may be trashed / deleted at a mods' discretion.
    d. You must post the filehost(s) abbreviation you use in your thread title e.g. (HF),[RS],{FS},(HF+FS). Do not use the complete name, e.g. (HotFile),{FileSonic},[RapidShare]

    3. Body of the Post

    a. Screencaps are required. One random pic is not a sufficient representation of the video clip being offered.
    b. Screencaps must be uploaded using a phun approved ImageHost.
    c. Screencaps must be posted as a clickable thumbnail
    d. See the "Misc Tools" section below for recommended screencap programs
    e. Download links must be posted on a phun approved FileHost.
    f. FileInfo about the file(s) you are posting is required, including:
    - File Format
    - File Size
    - Screen Resolution
    - Video Duration
    g FileInfo must be posted as text in the body of your thread, even if the information is included on your screencap
    h. Provide direct link(s) to your download links (no re-directs, anonomizers, etc.)
    i. Provide any password(s) for password-protected files
    j. Use only APPROVED FileHosts and ImageHosts - failure to do so will result in your posts/threads being deleted.

    4. Approved / Only Allowed Image & Filehosts

    Check this thread for a list of our only allowed image & filehosts!


    a. Search before posting. Reposts are NOT allowed.
    b. Reposts will be trashed/deleted
    c. You may re-upload dead links if the original post is more than 2 weeks old. Please refer to the original thread in your post.
    d. Any attempt(s) to circumvent the repost rules will be dealt with accordingly. Examples include: changing file names, vague thread titles, posting content in a mega-thread to avoid detection, etc.
    e. Reposts may be reported in the Forum Issues thread.

    6. File Mirrors

    a. Mirrors are defined as ADDITIONAL FILEHOSTS (example: original post is on HotFile, mirror is on FileSonic)
    b. You may add a mirrored host to a thread 3 days (72 hours) after the original post date.
    c. Any posts or threads created prior to that will be removed/trashed
    d. Any new threads created after that will be merged as long as they meet all of the posting requirements.
    e. DO NOT add posts to existing threads with videos hosted on the same filehost as the initial post of that thread or any previous post in that thread.
    f. Upgrades: You may add clips with larger resolutions (better quality) to existing threads, make sure the increased resolution is approximately 50% greater than any previous version posted. Subject to the 3 day grace period as referenced above. Upgrades not deemed to be of significantly better quality may be deleted at the mods discretion.
    g. High Definition Videos (1280x720 resolution or higher) should be posted in the High Definition Videos sub forum.

    7. File Splitting rule:

    Files 001mb - 299mb must not be posted with more than 1 download link.
    Files 299mb - 499mb must not be posted with more than 2 download links.
    Files 499mb - 699mb must not be posted with more than 3 download links.
    Files 699mb - 899mb must not be posted with more than 4 download links; etc.

    8. Maximum Posts Per Day (per 24 hours)

    a. You are allowed to post a maximum of 15 videos per day. No matter if you post them in one thread (megathread) or as individual threads
    b. Anything above this is considered "cash host flooding" and may result in some (or all) of the offending posts being trashed/deleted.

    9. Megathreads
    a. Members are not permitted to create a megathread until they have achieved at least their first colour change (i.e. their postcount has passed 1500).
    b. Megathreads of unrelated material are not permitted, so generic titles such as "Simply the Best (Regular Updates)", "My personal porn collection" or "Just Amazing Teens", etc., etc., will not be accepted!
    c. Megathreads may be allowed where a recognisable theme (identified in the title) prevails. The acceptability of a new thread with such a "theme" is at the discretion of an Admin/Mod.
    d. Megathreads can be "private" (restricted to posts by the thread owner) or "open" (where members are invited to contribute). This must be indicated in the title.
    e. All posts within a megathread must follow the same rules as single post threads.
    f. Megathreads cannot be created for a single model or a single porn site (otherwise known as a site rip). No more than 5 video clips from the same porn site can be posted in one megathread.
    g. Megathread owners will be held responsible for the environment within their own megathreads, and must report instances of abuse such as off-theme posts, reposts, or over the limit posts, via the Forum Issues thread.
    h. Megathreads that become a source of trouble of any kind will be closed or trashed!

    10. Banned Content

    a. No rape (even fantasy), beastiality, child pornography, and incest of any kind - immediate ban if you do!
    b. No FULL MOVIES, DVD Rips, complete scenes, or complete copyrighted material from a pay-site, or Playboy content is allowed.
    c. Do not post any content from any of the web-models that are active on this board. For a list of our active phun models click here and scroll down to the models section.
    d. No illegal or beyond-common-sense content. examples here
    e. No link-shorteners, link-protectors, or link-anonymizers (or anything similar)
    f. STREAMING VIDEOS are not allowed at the moment.
    g. No archive threads

    11. General Rules

    a. Any funny, scary or strange videos should be posted in the Funny Videos Forum.
    b. No request or "who is this" threads please.
    c. For banned content: we mods presume to ban without individual warning
    d. Help in sorting out things by reporting threads/posts here is appreciated - also helping good-willing new members
    e. Preview your post before submitting it
    f. English language only
    g. Members are allowed ONE USER ACCOUNT on phun - users found to be using multiple accounts may be banned (either temporary or permanent).
    h. No self bumping of your own threads is allowed.
    i. Do not bump threads more than 2 weeks old.
    j. Do not bump a thread with "Thanks" or anything similar. Use the THANKS button (down at the bottom left hand corner), unless you have something pertinent to add to the thread.
    k. Cross-Posting (posting the same content in multiple threads) is not allowed. Cross-Posts may be deleted at a mods discretion.
    l. Your first 10 submissions will be moderated
    m. phun uses an Infraction Points system for rules violations. Once you reach 12 Infraction Points, an automatic 2 week ban is imposed. Infraction Points are generally time limited, so the infraction period will eventually expire. Make sure to read your Private Messages and check your Profile Page for further information.
    n. Admins/Moderators have the discretion to trash/delete/etc. any content deemed inappropriate or contrary to the spirit of the rules.

    12. Miscellaneous Tools

    a. Image Mass-Uploading
    IIIUploader for ImageVenue, ImageBam, ImageHaven, ShareNXS, etc. ZIP Pass: "TaiPan" ( required)

    b. Image Mass-Downloading
    IPLED for ImageVenue -
    BulkImageDownloader -

    c. ScreenCaps:
    Media Player Classic:

    d. ScreenCaps:

    Tutorials about sreencapping and image-hosting are here and here. Also, feel free to ask mods/regulars for help.

    Breaking any of these rules may lead to deleting/trashing, and constant violations will lead to a temporary (or permanent) ban

    Enjoy posting and checking posted threads.




    December 12, 2010 - Version 1.0 - posted by gHe - Initial Post / no changes
    December 21, 2010 - Version 1.1 - posted by gHe - Updated for new High Definition Videos section
    September 16, 2011 - Version 1.2 - posted by S-Type - Updated MegaThread Rules
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    Section 9 of the rules concerning "megathreads" has been updated gentlemen. Please give it a read. Thanks.
    credit to all original posters, scanners, cappers, sites, etc.
    My job makes me feel like I'm on the wrong side of the glory hole. - Kevin Pollack

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    - to add the filehost in the title? it`s just an [rs], [mu], [fs], ..., - and there aren`t so many filehosts allowed here - quite an easy task, no?!

    - to avoid banned filehosts? again, allowed ones are just a few - forget about the rest. due to massive abuse a use of a banned host will lead to a suspension on sight.

    - to name the model(s) that perform(s) in the vid? well... you`re a fan of a blind bargain, hm?!

    - to put the details (size, format, duration) in the body of your post as text? - imagehosts go down occasionally...

    - to try to find out if "your" vid is already up here? - do a search, helps to save you useless effort.


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