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Thread: [FS] Tanner Mayes - "Gets Skull Fucked Backwards and Forwards" HD 720p

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    Post [FS] Tanner Mayes - "Gets Skull Fucked Backwards and Forwards" HD 720p

    Tanner went to the doctor thinking she had one problem, but the doc found something completely different. Symptoms included lack of period and no vagina?!? Wait, she has to have a vagina. She seems to be all normal, yeah everything's there from the toes all the way up to her neck pussy... Hold on a sec, this patient is going to need a full physical from her physician. That cunt may be out of place, but at least it's fully functional when it comes to making a dick look so long you can stick it in Tanner's pussy and see it pop out her mouth!

    WMV - 320 Mb - 1280x720 - 00:14:12

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    I love Tanner...and I'm tempted to DL this just to see the special effects. This looks FREAKY!

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