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Thread: [FS] Alanah Rae - Fucking A Lucky Fan

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    Default [FS] Alanah Rae - Fucking A Lucky Fan

    Alanah Rae - Fucking A Lucky Fan

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    Ely wins the right to be in "Fuck A Fan" after he wins a dance off. Yes, you are reading this correctly Alanah Rae being the master of men that she is, gets Ely and Kelly to have a dance off for the right to enter her vagina. This turns into the most insane Fuck A Fan episode ever made, one that people will talk about for ages. Ely pulls out his cock much to the surprise of Alanah, and that of her two fluffers, Kandi and Amy, as well the entire Immoral crew, Ely’s penis has 9 Teflon ball bearings implanted inside it. To top it off, he also has a Price Albert piercing on the head of his penis. After seeing his cock our fluffers demand to experience it and all pandemonium breaks loose. The Fuck A Fan studio looks like a Pagan Orgy is taking place. The three girls pull in Porno Dan and then demand the return of lucky blow job winner Kelly. Soon it is hard to keep track of who is fucking who in this mad cap adventure. This is most hedonistic Fuck A Fan update of them all!

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