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Thread: [FS] Dani Daniels - Dani caught stealing (JOI)

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    Default [FS] Dani Daniels - Dani caught stealing (JOI)

    Dani Daniels - Dani caught stealing (JOI)

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    You have caught Dani stealing and she will do anything for you not to call her parents. She is scared and you decide to take advantage of that fact. She says that she is only 18 and that she is really a good girl. In fact, if you promise not to tell, she will let you cum on her titties. That sounds like a good deal for a working class guy like you, so you whip out your dick and start rubbing yourself. You also decide that her bra has to come off. Dani protests, but she relents eventually. Her small breasts are beautiful and she tells you that you are the first to see them. "Please, mister, I'm really scared," she says as you continue stroking your cock. She just wants you to cum so that she can get out of there. You, however, have other things on your mind. Yes, you are power tripping, but you demand that her shorts come off. Dani complies with your request, though reluctantly. She sees that you like her ass, so she decides that she will bend over in the chair and you can cum on her ass. You make her remove her last item of clothing and now she is totally nude. She wants you to finish so that she can leave, so she encourages you to finish yourself off on her sexy ass. Wow, you are really going to have a story to share with the other security guards when you are on your break.

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