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Thread: Lena Gercke & Sami Khedira - GQ Germany March 2012 (x11)

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    Default Lena Gercke & Sami Khedira - GQ Germany March 2012 (x11)

    My own scans

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    damn, how did that retard end up with this chick. she's nothing too special, but still, hot and smart...and he's just a pretty bad soccer player who somehow managed to get to Real...still don't know what they want with this dude...tztz.
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    definitely not kidding. as soon as we got back from vacation, she still wanted some. what can i say? so i was like ok baby, get on your knees! and she was like ok! and then i put a laptop on her back, surfed phun and thrust into her at the same time. best sex i've ever had.

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    He´s not that retarded and would be a quite cooler player if he stayed in the german league. And Lena, she is fucking awesome! Got the issue for myself at home. Was simply a must-buy!

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